How To Stay Cool During Your Summer Pregnancy

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Having a summer pregnancy is something that can be miserable depending on where you live.  If you are in the last legs of your pregnancy and you live somewhere extremely hot and humid it may feel impossible to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Pregnancy is a time of sacrificing your own comfort for the benefit of creating a new life.  Although it isn’t equally uncomfortable for everyone, many women describe the last trimester as being one of the most uncomfortable experiences of their life.  When you throw in the added discomfort of extreme temperatures, you’ve got yourself an extra challenge.  Here are some of the best tips for making sure that you make it through your pregnancy in hot summer weather.

Get An Air Conditioner

Many people refuse to get a professional cooling system because they find it to be expensive and energy consuming.  However, if you are living somewhere with extreme heat, it is worth it to make sure that you and your family are relieved from the temperatures.

There are few things worse than laying in your bed with a huge belly sweating through the night.  If anything, buy an air conditioner for your bedroom so that you can get a good night’s rest.  Sleep becomes harder the bigger that you get, and forget about it when your baby is born.  You need all of the help that you can get to feel rested.

Take Cool Showers Frequently

Taking a cool shower is something that can be instantly relieving for your body in hot weather.  Not only does it provide instant refreshment, but your body temperature is lowered for a good amount of time following the shower as well.

Don’t be afraid to turn the water all the way down to the coldest setting.  It may feel shocking at first but when you step back out into the heat your body will be cool and fresh rather than muggy and sweating.

Put a Cold Wet Rag On Your Neck

Your head and neck are two of the places which respond the most to a cool rag.  By placing an ice cold rag around your neck your entire body’s temperature will lower.

You can try keeping several wet washcloths in the freezer for handy storage and taking them out when you start to feel overheated.

Alternatively, you can find neck handkerchiefs with gel micro crystals inside which when frozen can be taken out for instant refreshment draped on your neck.

Wear Summer Dresses

Do yourself a favor and buy as many maternity summer dresses as you want.  Why wear pants which restrict and squeeze your growing belly when you can just let it all hang out and a breeze enter with a summer dress.

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