The Effects of Prolonging the Party

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Life can be hard. Scratch that. Life IS hard and several million people a day sit down and have a drink to take the edge of off things that seem impossible. Some call it liquid courage. This picture is usually stereotyped to college students taking the edge off of final exams, teenagers who drink to fit in, the rich, and the local town bumb. However, even the middle class, clean cut, bill paying mom and dad of the year have their occasions, as well.Here are a few reasons to have less of those occasions.  


With all the bills you already have, why would you want to add this totally unnecessary one? Alcohol is an expensive habit. For the price it takes to buy two small bottles of decent liquor, you could buy your children lunch, extra school supplies, or even raise your savings. I understand that we all need a way to unwind, but there are many other ways that don’t cost you anything. You could go for a walk listening to your favorite music. Take a nap. Sleeping on it almost always helps. Sit down and binge watch your favorite show or spend some “alone time” with your significant other.


We already know how damaging alcohol can be to the body. We are well aware of the almost instant effects of a few beers, but the impaired motor skills and the things we did that we can’t remember the next morning are just the beginning. Prolonged use of alcohol can be a much bigger issue. Liver disease is the first thing most of us think of when we think of the difficulties an alcoholic might deal with, but did you know that just one night of unwinding with alcohol can lower your immune system so much that you could be sick for the next week?!


As parents, especially of younger children, you need to be extremely careful about the example you set for them. They watch everything and learn even you are not meaning to teach. They see that Daddy had a bad day at work and then had a beer to wash away the hurt that the boss caused. They see that Mom didn’t quite get done what she wanted to today and sat down with a mixed drink to unwind. Children will pick up on this as the way to deal with the bad events in life.  

After a while they will begin to see alcohol as the fix for a bad day and when it doesn’t do that, they begin to set themselves up for a repeated failure that eventually turns into an addiction.

Am I saying you should never sit down with a drink to unwind? No, but these are a few things you should keep in mind when you do.

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