3 Home Inconveniences That Are Easy To Get Fixed

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When you own your own home, it seems like there’s always a list of things that you need to take care of or otherwise address. Because of this, you might be spending the majority of your time doing tasks that would fall in the “emergency” column. With this frame of mind, the things that don’t qualify as emergencies but are still nuisances might not get taken care of as quickly as you would likely. But luckily, most of these types of problems are things that you can address is just a few minutes. So to help you shorter your list this coming weekend, here are three home inconveniences that are easy for you to fix on your own.

Low Water Pressure With One Fixture

One problem that many homeowners experience is low water pressure. According to Don Vandervort, a contributor to HomeTips.com, having low water pressure at just one fixture is usually something you can address all on your own. If you’re having low water pressure throughout your home, you might want to call in a professional for help. But to fix just one fixture, start by checking things like the head of the faucet or shower, the aerator, and the supply valves. Usually, you’ll find the culprit for your low water pressure in one of these three areas. Once you’ve found out why your water pressure has been low, you can quickly make the fix and get the water pressure you want.

Clear Out Your Garbage Disposal

Another part of your home that might frequently need some maintenance but it’s necessarily integral to the functionality of your home if your garbage disposal. If you’ve been having problems with your garbage disposal but don’t want to call in a professional yet, Eric Ravenscraft, a contributor to LifeHacker.com, advises that you first turn off all the power to this appliance before you start working on it. Next, get under your skin and use an allen wrench to help you adjust the flywheel so you can loosen up anything stuck in the disposal. You can then use something like pliers or a wooden stick to help you remove any clogs or debris that might have built up.

Fix Sticky Locks

If the doors to your home have locks that are hard to fiddle open, this might be something that bothers you when you’re trying to lock or unlock the door but that is quickly forgotten once you’re inside your home. Rather than replacing your door handle and lock, Jenny Stanley, a contributor to Family Handyman, suggests rubbing a graphite pencil along the ridges of the key before you put it into the lock. The graphite will help to lubricate the lock and make it easier to turn from there on out.

If you have small home inconveniences that you aren’t quite sure how to take care of on your own, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get everything at your house in good working order.