3 interesting alternative teak outdoor furniture options for your garden

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When buying furniture for the garden, it is often easy to think of the main options available as the only ones worth buying. Think table, bench chair etc. Whilst these are good options if you are going for a more traditional look, they are not the best if you are looking to create a unique outdoor space. In today’s blog, we have a look at some of the interesting alternative furniture types that could work in your garden and where they would be best suited.

  1. Teak outdoor sun loungers

One of the best ways to get your garden ready for warmer weather is through a good sun lounger. These pieces of teak outdoor furniture were popular throughout the 70s and 80s and they are now seeing a resurgence in demand as people look to soak up the sun without having to lie on the ground.

If you get an adjustable teak outdoor sun lounger you will be able to adjust it depending on whether you want to read a book or doze the afternoon away.

Whilst sun loungers are a great investment for your garden, in the UK they are unlikely to be used year-round. That is why we recommend covering them in the winter and rainy months. Not only will this protect them from weathering, but it will also increase the chances of them lasting you and your family a long time.

  1. Teak tree round benches

Another great alternative piece of teak outdoor furniture is the garden tree bench. These interesting pieces are built around larger trees and are good if you want to turn a tree in your garden into a wonderful statement piece. They also come in handy as they can provide a fairly sheltered area with some shade if you are looking to keep out of the sun while you are in the garden.

These benches do not have to go around the tree, they can go around a portion leaving the rest open. This is good if the tree is located close to a wall or one of the corners of the garden.

  1. Teak outdoor recliners

Recliners are perfect pieces of outdoor teak furniture if you are looking for a bridge between a chair and a sun lounger. The teak variety is great if you are looking for a weathered look and the adjustable back of the recliner will provide comfort whether you are sat up with a drink or reclining for an afternoon snooze.

Buy good quality teak furniture for the maximum benefit

The three alternative kinds of teak outdoor furniture listed here all have the potential to add a different look to your garden that will act as a conversation piece and improve the overall look of your outside space. If you are planning on buying alternative furniture, whether it be a recliner or sun lounger, make sure you buy it from a reputable company. This will reduce the risk of you getting a product you are unsatisfied with.