3 Reasons Why Resorting to a Quick Settlement After a Car Accident May Be One of the Costliest Mistakes You Can Make

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When a car accident occurs, it’s natural to want to resolve things quickly. The insurance company might reach out to offer you a settlement check right away. If the insurance company tries to hand you a settlement check, be careful. Accepting a fast settlement check after a car accident can be a big mistake. You might overlook small but important steps that could help you with your claim. In these cases, getting in touch with a lawyer (visit this website) who specializes in vehicle accidents might be a good idea since they will be able to help you get through these steps without issue. Not only can they take you through a claim to ensure that your needs are fully covered, but they could also give you the support you need through such a trying time. Getting yourself a car accident attorney Springfield way, or wherever your location may be, can help to highlight what you are actually entitled to before you settle to an insurance company. Here are three reasons why resorting to a quick settlement after a car accident may be one of the costliest mistakes you can make.

  1. You may not know all of the types of damages that you can claim

The insurance company is betting on the fact that you don’t know the law. Most people think that they can only receive payment for their medical damages and their car repairs. Under South Carolina law, you can claim damages for pain and suffering, mental injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

A car accident can be as mentally and emotionally painful as it is physically painful. South Carolina law allows for a wide range of damages that compensate deserving accident victims for the way that their lives change when they’re in an accident. When the insurance company makes an offer, they want to get away with paying the least amount possible. They’re hoping that you don’t know that there are more kinds of damages that you might deserve. It’s important to get an accurate determination of the value of your claim in order to make sure that the insurance company’s offer is fair.

  1. You may not know the full extent of your injuries

Sometimes injuries don’t show right away after a car accident. You may not know the full extent of your injuries until days or weeks after the crash. Once you accept a settlement check, your case is closed.

It’s important to get to the bottom of your injuries in order to make sure that your settlement check fairly reflects the true value of your claim. You can work with experienced car accident attorneys like https://www.derricklawfirm.com/library/myrtle-beach-car-accident-attorney.cfm to review the medical evidence in your case and take the right steps to uncover the true extent of your injuries.

  1. You may have a products liability claim that you’re not aware of

Not all car accident claims are cases against the other driver. Sometimes, a vehicle defect may be the cause of an accident. It’s important not to assume that the other driver or their insurance company is the only party that you can look to for a recovery after an accident. You may qualify to bring a products liability cause of action against the vehicle maker for your damages.

An accident reconstructionist can help you look at the evidence and determine the cause of the accident. The police officer’s determination may not be correct. When you know the true cause of the accident, you can determine if a vehicle defect may be to blame.

Should you settle your case quickly after a car accident?

It’s important to think carefully before you accept a settlement check from an insurance company. The insurance company doesn’t represent you. Taking the time to carefully and completely value your claim can help you make sure that you get what you deserve after an accident.