3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobility Scooter

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Mobility scooters can help less able individuals to do more. They can really make a difference in the lives of a lot of people, but how do you choose the right one?

Before you buy a mobility scooter there are 3 things you need to check about the specific vehicle.

Keep in mind that you may pay a lot for a mobility scooter and it could still fail to fulfil your needs.

Firstly, you’re going to want to ask yourself some vital questions about what you need the scooter for. Do you need to go long distances or will you just be using it around the shops?

Here are the specs to look at when buying a new mobility scooter.

  1. Class

Mobility scooters are available in either class 2 or class 3. So what is the difference between the two?

Class 2 scooters

  • Are designed to be slower (generally has a max speed of 4mph), lighter and less powerful than class 3 scooters.
  • Can be foldable as they are less powerful and have smaller and lighter parts.
  • They also cannot be used on the road, and therefore do not need to be registered with the DVLA.

Class 3 scooters

  • Are designed to be more powerful, heavier and larger than class 2 scooters.
  • They have a longer range of distance and generally cannot be dismantled.
  • They can reach 8mph and can be used on roads, so they must be registered with the DVLA.
  1. Charge Time

Different scooters take different amounts of time to charge. If you need your scooter every day, you may want to charge it overnight. This means that you’d want to aim for a 12 hour charge time, which is the average for most manufacturers.

If you need to get a lot of use from you scooter and may need to charge it quickly at times, you may want to opt for a quicker charging scooter. These are found in newer models of mobility scooters and generally cost a bit more.

  1. Speed Range 

If you would like to use your mobility scooter for a range of purposes, such as getting into town and then in and around the shops, you’ll need to consider finding a scooter with a good range of speed.

It’s all good and well getting a really powerful scooter but if it won’t work as a slower vehicle when you need it to, it isn’t much use.

Using these specifications, you can tell a professional mobility scooter provider the things you need and get the best scooter for those needs.s