3 Tips For Redesigning The Layout Of Your Home

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If you love the idea of updating, upgrading, or rearranging your home, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways that you can change things up and freshen up your living areas. And while making small adjustments here and there can sometimes do the trick, there will likely come a time when you want to make bigger changes. Whether the changes you’re looking to accomplish will involve doing some real remodeling or if you’re simply going to do some larger surface changes, it’s helpful to know what you can do that will help turn your space into just what you’re imagining. To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for redesigning the layout of your home.  

Turn Your Home Into An Open Concept

For many modern homes and homeowners, one of the most desired home designs is an open concept. But if you’ve bought a home that’s older, you may have to make your home an open concept on your own, as Colleen Cancio, a contributor to How Stuff Works, shares that older homes were very sectioned off in their rooms. So if you’re wanting an open concept floor plan that your home currently doesn’t have, consider knocking out a few walls here and there so that you can have a big, open space where your family can live and play without having to all be in separate rooms.

Create More Storage Space

Unless you just love the idea of making changes within your home, you desire for a change was likely spurred on by something that you dislike or that isn’t functional for you. For many families, this is commonly caused by realizing that you don’t have the storage space that you need. Luckily, you can rethink the layout of your home the find ways to create more storage space. To help with this, Olivia Heath, a contributor to HouseBeautiful.com, recommends thinking about the areas in your home that get most cluttered and then adding storage space in or around those areas so that you can easily use it to improve the look and feel of your home.

Reposition Your Furniture

For those of you who don’t want to take on a big renovation but still want to do something different within your living space, you may want to consider simply repositioning your furniture. According to Hebe Hatton, a contributor to RealHomes.com, you should try to think about the furniture placement of your home in a way that increases the flow between rooms and make each area functional and beautiful.

If you’re thinking about redesigning the layout of your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this goal successfully.