3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Kid-Friendly

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If you have kids, you likely know the struggle of balancing what you want with what’s going to be best for your kids. Especially when it comes to the layout, function, and decor of your home, it can be a real challenge to create spaces that look beautiful and liveable to your eye while still working for the day-to-day life of your family and children. So to help make these tasks a little bit easier at least in one area of your home, here are three ways you can start to make your bathrooms more kid-friendly.

Give Them A Boost

While your kids are still small, they’re going to be needing some help reaching things like the sink and counter. Because of this, it’s going to be very helpful for both them and for you to have to stools that they can stand on when they’re in the bathroom. Luckily, you don’t have to bring in just utilitarian stools that won’t fit with your decor. According to Neila Deen, a contributor to Honest.com, you can try customizing stools that you can find at almost any store with the names of your children or their favorite words, characters, or colors. This could also give you the chance to create stools that will go with the current decor you’ve chosen for the bathroom.

Consider Toy Storage

For families with kids that love taking baths, you’re likely to have a lot of bath time toys littering up the bathroom. And while you might have tried to teach your children to keep those toys in the bath and off the floor or counter, actually reaching this type of goal can be a challenge. So to ensure that you’re able to keep your bathroom clutter-free while also letting your children have fun while in the bath, Gabrielle Koch, a contributor to House Tipster, recommends choosing toy storage options that will either be easy to hide away, like a mesh bag, or that works with both the style and design of your bathroom while doubling as a functional storage piece.

Let Them Help With Decor

When you only have one bathroom in your home or the bathroom closest to your kids’ rooms is also the best bathroom for your guests to use, you might be hesitant about allowing your kids to help with the decor of this space. But if it’s plausible, A.D. Thompson, a contributor to Apartment Guide, advises that you let your kids help with decor and make certain things customizable for them. There are so many cute ways you can allow yours kids to make things to help decorate a bathroom if you just take the time to look and find the energy to complete some projects together.

If you have kids living at home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help make a bathroom space that’s perfect for them and the rest of your family.