4 Signs You Should Choose a Curved Stairlift

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You might not know this if it’s your first time looking at stairlifts, but there are several different configurations from which to choose. One of the most important considerations is whether to go for a straight stairlift or a curved one. In most cases, a straight stairlift works just fine, which is great since they do cost a little less. However, there are some situations that demand a curved stairlift – here are just four signs you should get one.

  1. You Have a Curved Staircase

What’s the most obvious sign that a curved stairlift is for you? When you have a curved staircase! Curved stairlift rails are custom fabricated to precisely match your staircase’s twists and turns. Some people choose to have multiple straight sections, but this doesn’t work as well or look as good. If you have a curved staircase, you need a curved stairlift.

  1. You Have a Landing

Plenty of more modern homes have staircases with landings. It’s possible to install two straight stairlifts instead of using one curved one when this is the case, and doing so often works out cheaper. That said, it’s not a very good idea. Firstly, having two stairlifts will look a little messy. Secondly, and more importantly, having two stairlifts means having to get out of one chair and into the next. This transfer increases the risk of accidents and reduces your comfort.

  1. You Have a Longer Staircase

Straight stairlifts are pre-made, so they work well when you’re dealing with simple staircases. Unfortunately, they aren’t so suitable if your home has a particularly long staircase. You’ll need to go curved even if there’s only a slight curve to the staircase itself.

  1. You Have a Narrower Staircase

Curved stairlifts are fixed to rails that attach very closely to the wall, even through tight bends. AS such, they work well if your house has a narrow staircase. They’ll also automatically swivel you to prevent legs and arms coming into contact with walls and banisters.

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