4 Steps to Take to Prepare an RV for a Road Trip

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Before going on an RV trip, there are steps you should take to prepare you and your RV for the many miles ahead. Here are four steps to take to help you reach your destination safely and comfortably.

Check Your Tires

This is an important step to take with any vehicle on a long journey. Your vehicle’s documentation should tell you what your ideal tire pressure should be for each set of tires, and you should make sure they are inflated to these levels. Make sure you also assess the tread levels on each individual tire. Tire wear prevents a car or RV tire from performing to its full capabilities, and excessive tire wear can lead to accidents on the road.

Clean Your RV Inside and Out

Your recreational vehicle is a home on wheels, and like any home it needs to be cleaned thoroughly on occasion to get it looking, feeling, and smelling its best.

Before you head out on a long road trip, where you and your family or friends may be in close quarters for a week or two, give your RV a thorough clean. Make sure all the living areas are cleaned and use anti-bacterial products. Over time, bacteria can fester, so make sure you use appropriate products to clean your RV if it has gone unused for a while. Clean and refresh your RVs water tanks too, and flush through any gray or black water tanks. Washing and polishing the exterior to give your RV some sparkle is a nice finishing touch.

Check and Replace Your Filters

Your RV will probably use a number of different filters throughout its various systems to clean and filter both air and water.

Your drinking water supply will be an important resource throughout your trip. You will also probably have to refill it at camping grounds and RV stops that you stop at along your journey. Make sure you have a new RV Water Filter installed before your trip. The filter you have may not have been used in a while or been sat in stagnant water if your system hasn’t been fully drained. Water filters are easy to replace yourself, and you need to ensure you have fresh, filtered water during your trip.

Get Your Engine Checked by a Pro

You may know your RV well and have a good knowledge of engines and mechanical maintenance, but you should have your recreational vehicle checked and serviced by a suitable mechanic before you go on a long-distance road trip.

If you have to pay for easily preventable repairs when you are out on the road. you are going to have to pay a lot of money, and the time the repairs take can cost you too. Have your engine, drivetrain, and suspension and handling checked by an experienced RV mechanic before you begin your trip.

Taking these steps will help you to ensure you have a fun and safe road trip in your RV. We want you to enjoy your journey as you explore this amazing country and some of its fantastic roads and towns.