5 Design Tips For Your Family’s Living Room

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Designing your perfect family home is all about finding a balance that works for everyone.  Since you are also living with children and potentially animals as well, your design should be something you love but which is also functional for your family’s lifestyle.

Since the family living room is the place where you all spend the most amount of time together, it’s one of the most critical areas to design.

Whether you’re aiming for a Scandinavian look or a minimalist approach to classic interior design, there’s always something new to learn.  Here are the best tips for designing your family’s living room.

Eliminate Clutter

The first step to creating a uniquely designed space which you feel good in is eliminating clutter.  Since kids tend to spread their belongings all over the house, this can be particularly challenging.

To get around the challenge of clutter with kids, you should integrate shelving and storage into your design.  That way things can quickly be stored away and pushed out of view.

A room which is clear of clutter makes people feel more at ease and comfortable.  A space full of multiple items with no rhyme or reason creates an atmosphere of chaos which isn’t very inviting.

Create a Space For The Kids

The kids shouldn’t have to feel like the only part of the house where they can have fun is in their rooms or outside.

Kids love to spend time with their family, and it brings everyone closer.  Therefore, creating a space in the living room where they can participate and play in the company of their family makes them feel valued.  Designate an area where they can leave their toys and enjoy the space in your presence. This can be a small rug or basket which has their belongings.

Lighting Is Everything

Many first-time interior designers don’t understand the importance of lighting.  The lighting in your living room shouldn’t be overbearingly bright or intense.

Something dim and soothing will make everyone feel at home in this family space.  You can do this by choosing lower wattage warm bulbs.

Consistent Color Palette

Rather than filling your living space full of every color there is, you should go for a consistent pattern.  In living rooms usually, light neutral tones are best.

Dark reds and browns can suck up the light of a room and feel a bit depressing.

Avoid Light Colored Couches and Rugs

Even though the rest of your living room may have lighter tones, you should avoid choosing light colors for your couch and rugs.   Kids frequently spill and stain despite having the best intentions.

Save your money and buy a light couch when your children have left the nest.