5 Fun Garden Play Ideas For The Summer Holiday

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The summer holiday is less than a month away and six weeks of having the kids at home means you might need to consider some fun and exciting things to do with them. Today we are going to give 5 garden play ideas for the summer 2021!

  1. Obstacle Course

Set up a fun and adventurous obstacle course through the house and into the garden. Find as many weird and wonderful obstacles to use within the house, making it a cost effective activity that the children will have a great time doing. Use hoola hoops to jump in, beanbags or cushions as hurdles to climb over and duvet covers to create dens to crawl through. This is a great way to get everyone in the family involved, using their imagination and simply having fun. Combine bits of furniture that may seem in the way, but there is nothing stopping the kids crawling under tables or climbing over sofas.

  1. Climbing Frame

Playing outdoors has always been a fun place for children to enjoy, discover nature and get a breath of fresh air. A trip to the local park is always something that the kids look forward to, but can be time consuming and is dependent on your agenda. With the summer break around the corner, there is likely to be more trips to the park than you can imagine. Bring the park to the garden with a wooden climbing frame, a mini park that has everything the kids look forward to in less than a couple of steps away. It may seem like a costly investment, but it is an investment that will keep them entertained not only for the summer break but for years of their childhood. Let imaginations run wild as they swing, slide, climb and crawl. Best of all you can continue with work or other chores whilst the children are content in their own safe homely environment.

  1. Garden Mud Kitchen

There is nothing better than getting mucky in the mud, well for the kids anyway! An outdoor mud kitchen is a great creative play idea for children. Let them rustle up a muddy delight at the kitchen which can feature a sink, pots and pans, and other small utensils. Getting their hands dirty and stuck in the mud allows your little ones to not only have fun, but discover nature.

  1. Water Park

Similarly as fun as it is to play with mud, it is just as exciting to play and splash with water. During a hot summer day, a trip to the water park can be a costly affair, but purchasing a paddling pool, sprinkler and water guns allows you to bring the waterpark to the house. Setting a water park in the back garden also means the toys and equipment can be used again for another hot day! Create a mini obstacle course of splashing in the pool, sliding across the grass, and firing each other with a water gun!

  1. Sports Day

Take a summer sports day at school to a competitive one at home with the family. Arrange an array of activities for the day from the traditional egg and spoon race, sack race and tug of war. Sports days can be hosted with just the family, with their friends or even both!