5 Great Ideas for a Tiled Kitchen Splashback

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There are plenty of options available if you are looking to add a decorative splashback wall design to your kitchen interior. You can select from a vast array of tiles in many shapes, colours and sizes which will look great in your kitchen. Tiles are also a practical choice opposed to painted or wallpapered surfaces as they are more resilient against grease, moisture and dirt. The surface area for a kitchen wall splashback is between the worktop/hob and kitchen units above which in most cases is a relatively small space, meaning you will not necessarily require a large quantity of tiles. You could make the job even more cost effective by tiling the wall yourself.

Quartz Mosaics

Sparkly Quartz Mosaic Tiles are perfect for creating a standout appearance in kitchens. The surface of these mosaics is covered in reflective mirror pieces which glisten spectacularly when light shines on to the surface. Black Quartz Mosaics are an excellent option for modern kitchens as they combine well with popular chrome fittings. Furthermore, Quartz Mosaic Tiles have a polished finish which creates a sleek surface, making them easy to clean and maintain. There are many different quartz mosaic varieties to select from including white, cream, red and blue. There are even quartz mosaics available in a chequered pattern in classic colours like black and white and cream and white.

Rock Panel Cladding

Rock Panel Cladding is a versatile wall covering which can be incorporated within a wide variety of interior layouts. Cladding has a rustic quality and is popular for feature walls in living rooms as part of a fireplace surround but can also work to superb effect as a kitchen splashback. In order to emphasise the unique texture and appearance of Rock Panel Cladding in kitchens many people choose bright spotlights. Rock Wall Cladding is perfect for farmhouse style kitchen interiors and match extremely well with natural wood and stone features. Rock Wall Panels are available in popular colours like white and grey.

Brick Porcelain

Creating a brick style splashback wall design in your kitchen has never been easier. Brick Porcelain provides an authentic look and can be incorporated to great effect within contemporary kitchen interiors. Brick Porcelain is a great idea for a feature wall splashback and is available in a range of traditional colours like red, white, grey and beige. Not only does it provide a decorative covering but it is also long lasting and low maintenance. The running bond pattern, also known as a brick formation, produces a distinctive character in kitchens. Brick Porcelain has a matt finish which helps to complement the look of these tiles.

Glass Tiles

Many people opt for a glass splashback panel in their kitchens but Glass Tiles should not be overlooked. Glass Mosaics are available in a vast array of colours and styles and are attached to a mesh sheet backing which makes them easy to apply to a wall. They match extremely well with modern extractor fan hoods and contemporary kitchen units. A popular style technique involves the use of unit spotlights which will accentuate a glass mosaic wall splashback. You have a variety of formats to choose from including both rectangular and square mosaic pieces. The sleek and smooth surface of glass mosaics allows for easy cleaning and means that grease and moisture can be simply wiped off.

Metro Brick Tiles

For a classic style in your kitchen, Metro Brick Tiles are an excellent splashback wall option. These subway tiles have a retro look but fit perfectly within contemporary interiors. It is no surprise that these ceramic tiles have remained such a popular choice for kitchen designs as they provide a timeless look and highly durable covering. To really emphasise the metro brick formation a contrasting coloured grout is often used, for example; Black Metro brick tiles with white grout. The glossy surface of metro tiles produces a reflective shine and also means you can clean the surface with ease.

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