5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Timber Flooring Over Carpet

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So, you’re renovating your home?

Not sure which types of flooring are the best to use?

For many reasons, timber flooring will have you covered.

I’ve got it covered. This is a rundown of why you should choose timber flooring over carpet:

  1. Timber Lasts 10 Times Longer

Unlike carpets, timber flooring can last for hundreds of years if you care for and maintain them properly.

Carpets are recommended to last for 10 years, the average person changing it every 5 years! They wear down quickly and look faded and dirty, even if they’re relatively new.

Wood can be sanded down and repolished once they start taking damage and then they look brand new. Wooden flooring only really needs sanding down after a long period of time where it gets a lot of use.

If you take good care of your wooden flooring, it can last more than 10-20 times longer than carpets do. 

  1. Easier To Keep Clean

When you walk on the carpet after forgetting to take your shoes off, the dirt can be almost impossible to remove. After deep cleaning and soaking for a day, it may start looking okay again.

With timber flooring, you can simply wipe away the dirt and mop the whole floor as often as needed to keep the surface looking as new for an incredible amount of time.

  1. It Works Out Cheaper In The Long Run.

If you need to replace a carpet every 5-10 years the cost can add up. If you opt for a cheaper carpet to keep the costs down it will last even less time (can be as little as 3 years). This is because the quality of the fibres is lower and it breaks down much quicker than higher quality ones.

A timber floor will have you set for life and you will never need to worry about where you’ll put all your furniture whilst you re-carpet your home. Wooden flooring only needs to be done once, then you never have to worry again.

  1. Homes With Timber Flooring Sell Quicker And For More Money

Timber flooring is seen as more desirable by home buyers due to the facts it last longer and it looks so much better than carpets.

The National Wood Flooring Association surveyed real estate agents and found that homes with hardwood flooring are easier to sell and sell for more money than those without. 

  1. Stylish

It is no secret that timber flooring makes a home look more expensive, stylish and sleek.

You can pick from many different kinds of wood, finishes and styles to suit the look you are going for as well as match other furniture to it.

The reflective properties of wood create a more open look to a room and add light to rooms that may not get much.