5 Things to Check on Your Car Regularly

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Your car’s job is to get you safely wherever you want to go, and it’s your duty to give it regular checkups, so that it can keep functioning properly. Regular car maintenance increases its lifespan, which is important regardless of the age of your vehicle. Fortunately, not every car checkup calls for a trip to the shop and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money; you are perfectly capable to check some parts by yourself.

1. Fluids

First and foremost, if you don’t know how a car works and are curious about what keeps it running smoothly, without squeaking, the answer couldn’t be simpler: motor oil! If your oil level is too low, your car will simply stop working at some point. Luckily, given its importance, checking the oil levels has been made as simple as pulling the dipstick out and checking where the oil level is on it. Motor oil is simple to replace and, without a doubt, most vital, but there are other fluid types(radiator, power steering, brake, transmission, air conditioning and washer fluid) that enable many car parts to function properly. In order to make sure that everything is working as it should, take your vehicle to an expert for a fluid checkup every couple of months. If you let these fluids, such as the air conditioning, be used completely without refilling you may need to get a car ac repair service. It could even lead to an engine replacement if you don’t change your oil which is very costly.

2. Tire pressure

Tire pressure is something that you can check on your own – no need to waste money. Here’s how to do it: first of all, find the numbers inscribed on your vehicle’s tires – the pressure levels should match these;otherwise, the tire will wear out more quickly, endangering everyone on the road, while increasing the gas consumption. Now, get a tire pressure gauge and make sure that everything is in order! Yep, it’s as simple as that!

3. Tire tread

In addition to pressure, there is one more thing that you need to do to make sure that your tires are roadworthy. Essentially, the tread on your tires will tell you when the time has come to replace them. Even if the tread has worn out only on a single one, you need to replace all four tires, as tire sets with different levels of wear compromise both safety and fuel efficiency.

4. Brakes

Brake disks are perhaps the single most important component on a vehicle, in terms of road safety. If you wait for that screeching sound to tell you that you need brand new brake pads, you are putting a lot of lives at risk –you dependon the brakes to bring your vehicle to a stop and they don’t have to break down completely in order to endanger lives. Have your brakes professionally checked on a bi-annual basis at the very least. Furthermore, in order to keep things as safe as possible, we recommend checking outparts made by DBA, as they are made of premium materials!

5. Lights

You are obligated by law to have all of your car lights properly maintained and checked. Of course, headlight malfunction is hard to miss and brake lights are probably something that you always think about (a large percentage of traffic tickets are written up for broken tail and brake lights). However, every single car light plays an important role in road safety, so check these on a frequent basis.
All it takes for a lights checkup is a piece of paper, a pen/pencil and a friend or a family member. Firstly, make a list of every light on your car. Next, have your “designated lights assistant” stand outside and cross out every single one that’s functioning properly while you turn every single light on and off. After you’re done flicking all the switches, take a look at the list and buy and replace every single non- or improperly-functioning one.

Although car maintenance should be done regularly, you should perform more frequent checkups on the listed items (except for brakes, you can’t do this on your own, unless you own proper equipment and really know what you’re doing). Oil, tires and lights require more attention than things that are covered in a workshop.