5 Top Tips to Improve Your Home Security and Prevent Home Theft

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Your home should be your castle but thankfully you don’t have to turn it into a fortress in order to feel safe and secure. By following some simple security procedures you can maximise the protection for you and your family. Keep your home secure and safe with these simple strategies.

  1. Illuminate Your Garden

Given the choice of working from a nice dark garden at night or a well-lit one, burglars will naturally choose the former. Make sure your garden and your front drive are well-lit by installing movement-activated lights that will turn on if someone walks on your property. Or you can choose sensor-activated lights that activate when someone is close. You can also consider permanently lighting your paths with a dim night light so you not only increase security but safety when you are moving around, too.

  1. Install an Alarm

Alarms are no longer expensive and they may even provide you with a discount on your home insurance. You can choose from a wide variety of alarms, from a wireless alarm kit to alarms with magnetic contact strips which activate when a door or window is opened. You should also put a visible alarm case on the front of your house to alert people that the home is protected.

  1. Fix Broken Gates and Fences

A burglar will have an easy time getting into your garden when the fence is blown over. Make sure that your fencing and your gates are strong and sturdy and that they are securely attached to walls. When a fence is damaged it will also allow intruders the chance to see into the property so they can plan their entry into it. Think about installing a panel of trellis at the top of walls or fences which will not be strong enough to support a person.

  1. Keep Your Spare Keys Safe

Don’t even think about putting a spare set of keys under the back door mat. That’s just asking for trouble. Instead, install a wall safe for keys outside a back door. Choose one that is adequately reinforced to prevent intrusion and has a combination code so you don’t forget the keys to it.

  1. Protect Your Garden Valuables

Your garden furniture may be an easy target for a burglar so make it difficult for them to make off with a garden set by securing it to the patio with locks. You should also keep tools locked away so that they are not stolen and also so that they are not used to break into your home by opportunist thieves.