5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or you just want to improve the equity of your property, boosting your curb appeal will add value. Working to improve your home’s curb appeal will also make your home look more appealing to everyone else in the neighborhood. When most people want to increase their home’s value, they focus on redecorating or upgrading the appliances inside their home, such as visiting a website similar to siriuspac.com/addison-air-conditioning-services/ and installing a new air conditioning unit. However, many buyers still will “judge a book by its cover”, meaning that how a house looks on the outside may be more important than how it look internally.

If you’re not looking to spend your whole savings account on fixing up the house, then stay tuned for a few more lines of enlightenment. Here is a brief description of five ways to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Clean and repair your gutters

Leaving your gutters in ill repair for too long can cause further damage to your home, and you’re not the only person who knows that fact. When buyers are seeking out a new home, they will notice if the property looks as if it has not been properly maintained through the years.

It’s a good practice to always keep up with gutter maintenance, and make sure you have the most efficient setup possible to properly drain rainwater away from your home’s foundation. You’ll have fewer repairs to perform later when you put your home on the market if you stay on top of the maintenance.

Landscaping adds value

Landscaping has simple value, and it doesn’t cost much to spruce up your yard. For just a few hundred dollars, you can plant a few trees, flowers, and other foliage around the property.

Perennial flowers are the most low-maintenance option, as they will return each year just as beautiful as the last. Trees are also a great addition because they are great for energy efficiency with proper placement.

Your front entry could use some sprucing

The front entry of your home should be bright and welcoming. If you have a dull or damaged front door, slap a few coats of paint on it to brighten up your entryway. Polish or replace the door fixtures, and add a fancy wreath for flair.

Symmetry is also a valued quality for your entryway. Adding mirrored light fixtures on either side of the door, and remember that bronze finishes suit traditional homes, while nickel suits contemporary designs.

Repair any cracks in the pavement

Cracks in your property’s pavement can scare potential buyers away from a sale. Cracked concrete can mean foundational insecurities and thousands of dollars in repairs. Make sure to address cracked areas around your home for yours (and the next buyers’) peace of mind.

Add a deck space for outdoor fun

Prepare a working deck space, and set out comfortable furniture that can withstand the weather in your area. Homebuyers value outdoor space, and the bank will reward you with added equity.