7 Little Things That Will Turn Your New House Into a Home

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You know what they say: it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home. After all, home is not a place – it is a feeling, and it represents your past, your present and your future. However, sometimes it can be quite hard to transform your place, especially a brand new one, into a home. But even though it is hard, it isn’t impossible – there are actually a few things you can do to give your new and cold house some homely warmth.

Photos – photos everywhere

Instead of storing your precious photos in a dusty box in your attic and awing every time you remember to look through them, why not proudly display them around your home? Not only will it make your home more personal, but it will also start some great conversations, like: “Excuse me, Susan, I was wondering, why did that child shove its head in the sand while his bottom is pointed towards the shocked old lady at the beach?”
“Oh, I totally forgot about that, that’s Henry five years ago when we were in Mexico, he had a strange habit to…”

Quality furnishing

Even though a new home can already be quite an investment, furniture is not something you should skimp on. With furniture, price equals quality, and buying lower quality furniture just to save some money is not worth it. You will have to replace them sooner, which will end up costing you more money and time. There is nothing wrong with finding a bargain from time to time, but if something sounds way too good to be true – it probably is.

Also, getting cheap furniture means that you are willing to compromise on your vision for the interior of your home. Furniture is a big part of what you want your home to look like, and spending a little more is definitely worth it. Not to mention the comfort factor – if your living room sofa is uncomfortable and unpleasant, your house will never feel like home.

Take care of the flaws

The key to making your house feel like home is feeling completely at ease in it. This basically means that you should get up and do some work: fix that leaking tap that’s driving you mad, lubricate the door hinge that wakes your kids up during the night etc.

Of course, even though there always seems to be something that needs to be fixed in our home, we should never let those little things niggle away at us. After all, nothing should prevent you from enjoying your home.

Open it up

With the right design and right accessories, you can make your home more open and inclusive – which is exactly what you should be aiming towards. Also, an open layout creates more space, which is always desirable. In other words, talk to your builders about which walls you can take down in order to create more open spaces. And if you are worried that this will take the coziness away, you can get the best of both worlds by adding some mezzanine areas; a breakfast bar can also linkseparate areas without cutting them off entirely.

Get creative

Set your inner interior designer free and add some personal touches to your home, something your friends and relatives recognize you for. Whether you are into art pieces, fun and eye-catching front door matsor house plants, enrich your new home with whatever makes you happy.

However, you shouldn’t stop with the accessories. There are many other areas where you can set your creativity free, such as storage. In other words, make the most out of your floor, walls and ceiling space in order to maximize your home’s storage capability. You will feel much more at ease when everything is in its place.

Light matters

Just like furniture, lighting plays a big role when it comes to creating a cozy home-like atmosphere. Opt for warm light tones and never forget the importance of natural lighting during the day. Do not block your windows, and try to relocate the mirrors in your home so that they reflect the light around the area.

Don’t hesitate to make new memories

Your new house will begin to truly feel like home once you start creating precious memories there. Open your home up for your friends and family by throwing a dinner party, birthday celebration or a barbeque – whatever it takes to make you feel like you belong there. Fill the space with laughter and you’ll realize that happiness comes from sharing your passions with others.

That would be it. Remember, it is not about how big the house is – it is about how happy the home is.