8 Ducted Airconditioning Pros & Cons

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Ducted air conditioning constitutes ducts that are usually concealed within the walls and ceiling of a house. These ducts enable air to flow through them into the rooms within a house or an office. Vents let out this air into rooms. Air is heated or cooled from a coiled fan that is placed at a central point within the roof. Ducted airconditioning pros & cons can help one in deciding whether or not the installation of this type of air conditioning is worth it. You can do some online research yourself if you should wish, but there are plenty options available to you should this not be suitable for your home or building. You can find out more about these options on this page for example. There are various pros that can be reaped from ducted air conditioning including:

  1. Discretion is one of the pros of this type of air conditioning. When you enter a room, the only thing you see is vents that let in air. There is no sight of an air conditioner hanged on a wall or that is placed on a floor. It is usually installed on the ceiling of a house hence unnoticeable.
  1. Thermostats that come with these air conditioners can be adjusted to control the temperature. One has to adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature and then forget about it. This ensures that the temperature within a house is maintained at a constant level. Temperatures within different rooms can also be adjusted to suit specific needs.
  1. Zone systems can be installed to ensure that you are able to turn off cooling where it is not needed. For instance, cooling may be turned off in all rooms in a house except for the living room and kitchen. This helps to curb wastage.
  1. Ducted air conditioning can efficiently help cool a whole house. Instead of installing air conditioners in every room, vents are able to release air into all the rooms within a house. This makes it easier to cool the whole house.
  1. Operations from this type of air conditioners are usually silent. If your air conditioning has started to make a noise, there could be something wrong with your system. By looking into AC Repair as soon as possible, you can get your system running smoothly again. They are installed far away from people hence they should not make noises. The fan is usually on the ceiling of a house making it difficult for one to hear any noise emitted from the system.

There are various cons that come with ducted air conditioners. They include:

  1. The cost of buying and installing these air conditioners is high. Compared to the split system air conditioning, the costs involved are higher. The installation of this system in the ceiling is also costly. Ducts and vents have to be set up properly by experts.
  1. They are not suitable for small houses. It is not advisable to install this type of air conditioners since they cannot be accommodated. However, huge houses are suitable for them.
  1. The energy costs involved in running a ducted air conditioner may be quite high. This happens especially where zoned systems are not installed. Cooling occurs in many rooms where it may not be required. This, in turn, makes it costly in terms of energy consumption.

Ducted airconditioning pros & cons can help guide a homeowner in deciding whether or not to install it. This type of air conditioning is popular in malls, banking halls, and supermarkets. The cost of installation should be considered before the installation of this type of air conditioner. Needs and appearance should also guide one before purchase and installation.