8 Great Additions to Your Man Cave

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Is there anything more comforting than a space that you can simply call your own? A place where you can spend time as you wish, decorate as you wish, and treat friends to fun and undisturbed social events. If you’re lucky enough to have a part of the house you can call your own, then be sure to worship it. Furthermore – if you think your man cave could do with some sprucing up, it might be time to plan a practical and satisfying DIY project. No matter your interests or personal style – a bit of DIY makes for a great hobby and often leaves you with an amazing talking piece.

Drinks cabinet

From vintage world globes that open up to reveal an inner drinks compartment, to sleek mahogany cabinets filled with the finest rums and whiskey – every cocktail enthusiast should have their own special drinks storage. If you’ve been leaving your bottles on top of the fridge or stashed away in some kitchen cupboard, then you’ve been missing out on the joys of turning to a hand-crafted cellarette when the time calls for a celebratory drink. So – if you pride yourself in being a good party host, then treat your liqueurs and spirits to the storage they deserve.

Pool table

The game we know as pool has only existed for around one hundred years – a fairly short period of time for a table game that has made such a universal impact. Whether you’re used to playing at your local pub or in your friend’s basement, it’s difficult not to enjoy a competitive game of pool with good company. Making your own table might not be as difficult as you think – but requires a good deal of planning and time. HGTV show you how to put a pool table together using just basic tools and supplies.


Following on to the next classic game for weekend get-togethers, a darts board provides endless fun at social events. It’s also considerably cheaper and easier to build than a pool table. Alternatively, buy the dart board ready-made and use your DIY skills in creating a dart board cabinet that can be mounted to the wall. This cabinet, when opened, will also function as a safety zone around the board, so as to prevent getting holes in the wall from those with a less than perfect aim.

Video Game Storage

The most serious gamer typically has several consoles at hand, not to mention an impressive collection of game titles spanning several decades worth of releases. A serious gamer also organises these games and consoles (cables and all!) so that they are neatly arranged and easily accessible. Don’t be the guy with a messy gaming space – build a storage unit for your gear! Even those who prefer to play video games on their computer should make sure their gaming space is organized. Lately, more and more people have been using their computers to play video games. Those people just seem to download some gameboy advance games onto their PC, and then they can choose their favorite and play it for free. That’s a great way to save money. However, if you’re more of a movie buff than gamer, how about a purpose-built DVD shelf with alphabetical or genre categorization?

Poker table

The odd poker night with friends is a great way to unwind and catch up. If you regularly have to squeeze around the kitchen table with your poker set, however, then it might be time to invest in something a little more practical. The best thing about building a poker table from scratch is that you can choose between different shapes and styles to create the card table that is perfect for you. Perhaps you want to give it a classical 18th century touch, with elaborate leg carvings and the finest felt. Alternatively, give the card table a modern twist with LED lights and sleek black cushioning. Sounds like too pricey of a project? Fear not – if you’ve got the time to invest, then PokerListings will show you how to put together a sturdy poker table for under $300.

Unique coffee table

Imagine being able to throw your magazines and mail on a one-of-a-kind table rather than that old IKEA side table of questionable taste. Imagine coupling your favorite lounge chair with a flawlessly handmade coffee table. Whether your coffee table is for placing drinks or resting your feet on – a piece of furniture that is typically the centerpiece of a room needs to stand out. Home Stratosphere offers a list of man cave coffee table designs that will immediately impress any guests.


What is a man cave for if not to get away from the stresses of daily life and kick back in total peace? Comfort is a necessity for that objective; so treat yourself to one of the comfiest forms of lounging! A hammock comes in many forms to suit your stylistic, ergonomic and size specifications, and makes for a simple DIY project.

Neon sign

If your man cave could do with a jazzy vibe, then how about installing a neon sign to the wall? A bit of neon will make you feel like you’re enjoying the nightlife scene while staying in. Buying an authentic neon sign online can cost several thousands of dollars, however. Fortunately, you can make some cheap lookalikes for next to nothing using EL wire. Best of all is that you get to personalize the design! See your name or favourite lyrics in lights using this simple DIY neon sign guide.

By now you should be itching with a creative urge to get started on your own DIY project. Give your man cave the upgrade it deserves – you won’t regret it!