A Beginner’s Guide to DIY Patio Design

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Designing an outdoor living space might seem like an impossible task for the novice DIY enthusiast, but in truth, it’s easy to turn your patio into an extension of your home. You can transform your patio into the perfect place to sunbathe with a good book, watch the kids play in the yard, or admire your garden over a glass of wine. With a few simple changes, you can reinvent your patio to create your own personal outdoor paradise.

Make a Plan

If you’re thinking about redesigning your garden patio, the first thing you need to do it come up with a plan. You need to take stock of the property, make measurements, and consider and wear or damage that your patio is showing. You may simply need to repaint the wood, or you may need to think about hiring a professional team to restore your entire patio structure.

Once you’ve mapped out your patio, you can start thinking about arranging different elements. When building a design around an existing patio, you need to ensure that everything will fit comfortably within the final plan. Obviously, you’ll want different furniture, heating elements and lighting designs for a smaller patio than a larger patio.

Decorate Your Space

As a final touch, you can add decor to your patio so that it truly reflects your unique style. Even simple design elements can bring a whole patio together. Fountains and water features add an interesting visual element while filling your garden with the relaxing sound of running water, while statues, plaques, and metal wall decor offer an attractive and low-maintenance way to brighten up your garden. You can also include potted plants in your patio design to bring your home and your garden closer together.

Light the Area

Patio lighting allows you to enjoy the sunset and relax in your garden well into the evening. There are plenty of weatherproof lighting solutions that are safe to install in your garden. If you have limited knowledge of electrical systems, you can easily install string lights or solar fixtures for simple yet effective mood lighting.

Lighting is not just important from a design standpoint, but also a safety standpoint. Lit walkways at night make it less likely for you, your guests and your children to slip and fall or accidentally injure themselves.

Add Some Seating

Having a place to sit can make any patio seem much more like a family living space. You can buy outdoor furniture made of metal, plastic, or wood to match your chosen decor. If you have limited patio space, corner seating helps you to maximize your space and accommodate multiple people at a time. Any furniture that you buy should be weatherproof and washable for easy maintenance.

You don’t have to confine yourself to garden chairs and picnic tables. You can also include bar stools, porch swings, or even hammocks. Hammocks add a whimsical touch to your porch, and they are easy to take down during foul weather. Better yet, they’re a favorite amongst kids and teens.

Include Some Shade

If you don’t have any natural shade from a tree or your house, you can keep yourself cool and sheltered with patio umbrellas. You can find oversized patio and market umbrellas that will help to shelter you from both sun and bad weather. The size of the umbrella you choose should depend on the diameter of the table to which it’s attached.

For a more durable solution, retractable awnings allow you to enjoy shade when you want it and sunlight when you don’t. You can also hire contractors to build a wooden wooden pergola or arbor over your patio to keep you sheltered and cool, but remember that wood must be weather treated and refinished every few years.