A Guide to Replacement Window Selection

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Like any other industry, the double glazing sector is very competitive, and a Google search would demonstrate the high number of companies that offer replacement windows and doors. Of course, you can easily call up a few companies and have them pay you a visit, yet each company rep will tell you that their product is the best, which can be very confusing. Each company wants your business and any window salesman will naturally put their best features forward in an effort to convince you to make a commitment, which can make for a stressful situation.

Free Window Advisory Service

The double glazing industry has had many problems in the past, with rogue companies offering substandard units that leave a lot to be desired, and in some parts of the UK, there are window advisory centres that are dedicated to providing the homeowner with professional, unbiased advice about every aspect of double glazing. Rather than having a salesperson try to convince you to buy their windows, you can seek the expert advice of an independent body, who is not tied to any company, which means that your best interests are paramount, and as they do not stand to make a commission, there is no conflict of interest. If you happen to be looking at windows in Falkirk, there is such a service nearby and with a quick call, you can have an expert (usually a retired architect or building inspector) pay you a visit to give you a free assessment of your current units, as well as making some recommendations for improvement.

Expert Recommendations

The consultant would know of all the double glazing companies that service the region, and once he understands your needs, he can make a recommendation on which contractor to use. This is unbiased advice from an expert, and that is worth a lot more that a recommendation from a friend of a friend, and whether or not you take their advice, is entirely up to you. The expert would be able to point out the pros and cons of every possibility, and with maintenance and durability in mind, you would be aware of all your options and therefore, can make an informed decision.

Survey Presentation

Once the impartial expert has completed his survey, he will go away and invite tenders from suitable contractors, which would then be presented to you. This normally takes about seven days, and during that time, the consultant will have shortlisted all potential suppliers, which might be as many as ten, and you would be given their quotations, along with an unbiased report on each company’s history, and with no stone left unturned, you will have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

With all the available information at your fingertips, and the added security of an impartial expert opinion, you can make your choice with confidence, and as each company knows there are others bidding for the same project, they will shave their prices to a minimum, which really benefits the customer. Talk to such an advisory service today, and you can quickly discover the very best deal for replacing your windows, and it won’t cost a penny!