A Micro Multitool for All Occasions

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You know those little jobs that need doing and you haven’t got your tools to hand? The likes of a loose screw that you simply have to tighten, or when you’re fitting a plug and need to cut the wires, but can’t remember where your wire cutters are? It’s a pain when that happens, and you have to find the toolbox, rifle through it to find the tool you want, and then discover it’s not there! What you need is a multitool, one of those clever little contraptions with a wide variety of functions, or to go even more compact, a micro multitool!

The micro multitool offers all the elements and benefits of its bigger brother, but in very dainty and compact dimensions. The one we found, the Gerber Dime Micro Multitool, is a particularly compact device, and a very impressive one too. One of the leading name in the tool business, Gerber has a large range of such devices, and this one really is one of the best yet. It is versatile, small and sturdy, and can help you with many of those small jobs that come up on a regular basis.

Pocket Companion

The Gerber Dime is so small when folded you won’t even know it is in your pocket. It measures less than three inches in length, and is a little more than two ounces in weight, so is perfect as a pocket device. Despite this clever design and excellent packaging, when in use it is surprisingly versatile. You will find the spring-loaded miniature pliers to be very useful indeed, and perfect for when you need pliers but don’t want to search out your toolbox. The scissors are also spring-loaded for added convenience, and the wire cutters are perfect for when you are fixing plugs or perhaps working on an electronics hobby project.

You get a blade and screwdrivers, and they will come in very useful indeed, plus a small file, and it all packs away very neatly into a surgical-grade steel body that is ergonomically designed for ease of use and grip. In short, this is a very handy device that you will find comes in useful on a surprisingly regular basis, and one that is a perfect substitute for your bigger tools or multitool.

Cheap and Durable

The great thing about this little gadget from Gerber is that, despite the quality and the brand, it is easily affordable. In fact, it would make an excellent gift for the handyman or hobbyist. It is made to a high standard, the construction is excellent, so will last a long time. In fact, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Whether you were already thinking of buying one or were inspired by this article, we recommend you check them out further, and the Gerber Dime is certainly the one to go for.

Think of the convenience you will get from having all the regular and most-used tools you need in your pocket wherever you are!