My kids, Ashlee and William, are the best in the world and then again, they sure know how to cause havoc at home. In all their exuberance they care little about the beautiful walls or expensive floors and carry on with whatever crazy game they are playing, regardless.

You’d imagine that having an imperfect house would drive an interior designer like myself wild, but the truth is, I adore their creativity and energy and don’t mind fixing up our beautiful home every once in awhile. In fact, redecorating has become one of our favorite family hobbies. Together, we paint the walls, erect shelving, and design and make our own home decor accessories. Every now and then, we pick a room in our house and give it our best interior design makeover now.

Over the years, the kids have provided me with countless DIY jobs, from broken chairs to replacing curtain rails, all the way through to unblocking the sink. One time, Ashlee and William forgot to turn off the tap while playing with handmade boats in the bathtub and flooded the entire bathroom and the landing beyond. I was extremely annoyed that day, then again, looking back at it now, they were ever so sweet, innocent and charmingly unaware of the consequences of their actions.

Kids can be incredibly expensive at the best of times, but try raising especially creative (and messy) kids! We try to cut costs where possible by doing as much as we can by hand. It’s more time-consuming, but it really adds a personal touch that you can’t buy from a store! However, where we need to purchase products and supplies, we try to get as many bargains as possible. We always check the sale rails first and shop at outlet stores. If what we need can’t be found at a discount, we at least try to get the best product for the best price. Usually we’ll try Only Reviews, if you’re going to be buying full price the best bet is checking the internet for reviews first. Do what you can to maintain your family!

I’ve always been fussy about the aesthetics of my various homes, but meeting Rachel shifted my priorities considerably. She is a psychologist and has taught me to see beyond the surface. Perhaps, she introduced me to the concept of “inner beauty”. Naturally, to me, she is the most beautiful woman, both inside and out.

We met at a local cafe, started talking and romance blossomed soon after. Her deep insight into all things human combines well with my creative love of beautiful spaces. When the kids were born, we both agreed to nurture them with as much love, creativity, and sensitivity as possible. Through her work, Rachel has learned the importance of hands-on parenting. “Quality Time” may be somewhat of a cliche, but we both ensure that we spend lots of time with the kids in full awareness that they will grow up ever so quickly.

For me, being creative together is just the ultimate pastime. Arts, crafts, DIY, painting, decorating and family interior design are my favorite activities and the kids get a great kick out of make and do. Particularly nowadays, when kids tend to spend so much time on a variety of technology devices, it’s great to see that creativity and imagination are alive and well once poked.

We want the kids to grow up with as much interpersonal and creative activities as possible so that they will continue into adulthood fully rounded, multifaceted and multi-skilled.

Rachel suggested setting up this website and blog with two intentions: on one hand, to provide DIY tips and arts and craft ideas for our readers and on the other hand to engage the entire family in a new joint activity. We allow the kids to post pictures of their creations, I add DIY and interior design tips and Rachel completes the picture with insightful family and parenting advice.

Keeping this website updated on a daily basis has been very easy, as we have so much content we want to share. Working together has deepened and strengthened our relationships and I have seen quite a rise in the self-confidence my kids possess. The pride of achievement and the sense of accomplishment have made both Ashlee and William more self-assured and have further developed their imagination and creativity beyond belief.

We hope to inspire many families, teachers and childcare providers by sharing our creative ideas and practical DIY tips. Come along and join us on our family journey and perhaps you will find an activity that all the members of your family will enjoy.

To me, it’s all about spending as much time as I can with the people I love most, about doing the best for my wife and kids and treasuring each moment we share. The years go by quickly, you never know what’s next and I am a strong believer in making the most of the time we have together.