We still can’t quite believe how successful our online endeavors have been, then again, we have invested a lot of time and effort and spent hours and hours improving and optimizing the quality of the content we provide.

Rachel’s approach has been to create a online refuge and playground for parents and kids alike, while I have sought to create a stunning online space for people to linger for a while. I have the mindset of an interior designer, while Rachel brings her in-depth knowledge and love of people to the table.

Our combined professional concept has been effective in creating a well-frequented website and blog and we now have over 17’000 unique monthly readers. Detailed data analysis indicates a good mixture of interests among readers, thousands seek parenting support while an equally large number of visitors are either seeking make and do ideas or DIY tips. People from all corners of the globe, of all ages and professions gather on our site, actively seeking information.

What Our Existing Advertisers Say

Currently, we make advertising space available for an array of individuals and companies. They include home and DIY related businesses, crafters, arts and crafts suppliers, family support professionals, family event organizers and many more. Initially, we were approach by local businesses only, however, once we passed a certain threshold in reader numbers, we received requests from companies far and wide.

So far, advertising on our site has provided an excellent return on investment for our advertisers, who have all enjoyed increased revenue, an enhanced company profile and a sharp rise in advertiser website clicks.

We Treat Our Advertisers Like Family Members

We set up this website to strengthen our relationships and pursue a new joint venture. This mindset also defines our relationship with our advertisers, whom we value and cherish. By optimizing our advertising packages, we ensure that our advertisers get value for money, enjoy the process and make gains. Joint growth is our main objective and in that sense, we treat our advertisers like family members, always keeping their best interests at heart.

How It Works

The process of advertising on our website is simple. Advertisers receive an information package, study it and join us in working out the best possible option. Jointly, we plan and design the advertisement, carefully select the best site location and proceed to choose an appropriate campaign duration. Once the ad is published, we start monitoring its performance, continually receiving feedback from our advertiser. If for whatever reason we feel that the campaign needs tweaking, we immediately make the necessary changes.

What You Need to Do Next

Our 17’000 monthly readers will be glad to hear about your products or services. Just provide us with as much information as possible by using the form below. By return, you will receive an information package outlining all the different options. We will contact you within a few days and arrange a meeting, face-to-face or via online conferencing. Our experience will allow us to help you choose the best option, always remaining focused on getting you a sizeable return on investment.

As soon as you sign up, we plan and design your ad with as little or as much input from you as you wish. Ads are carefully selected to accompany relevant content, so that the reader will be offered precisely the right service or product, matching her/his interest.

After all that, you may just sit back, relax and wait for your phone to start hopping, your inbox to burst or your business premises to be jam packed – at least, that has been the experience of our previous and current advertisers!