An Adjustable Bed Can Improve Digestion

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An adjustable bed can be a godsend if you suffer from mobility problems, and using one will even cut down on snoring and help you sleep more peacefully. It even offers benefits that go beyond enhanced mobility and reduced joint and muscle pain. For example, using an adjustable bed can aid digestion, so you’ll wake up full of beans instead of lying awake all night and not getting the best from what you put in your body.

Here are just a few reasons why using an adjustable bed leads to more effective digestion.

Raises Your Upper Body

Most people use their adjustable beds to raise the upper body during sleep. This helps eliminate pressure points and keeps the airways open, and it’s also highly beneficial for your digestion. As the body sleeps, it works to digest and process food – this is why having a large meal before bed makes it harder to drop off. If you lift the upper body 6 inches from the level of your lower body, your digestive system works more effectively.

Reduced Movement

Sleeping in an adjustable bed helps keep the body relaxed during sleep, so you’re less likely to roll around and keep changing position. This is helpful from your digestive system’s point of view because every move and roll makes it that much harder to digest your food. That’s partly because the food in your stomach moves when you do, but, more importantly, it’s down to the energy required to move your body. Your body needs all the energy it can get to properly break down and digest your food and drink.

Avoids Acid Reflux

Stomach acid needs to stay in the stomach – it’s vital to see food properly broken down. Unfortunately, stomach acid can flow up into the oesophagus – this is referred to as acid reflux. As well as interfering with proper digestion, acid reflux can damage the tissue in your throat and make it harder to sleep. By keeping the head elevated, you’ll help keep that corrosive stomach acid where it belongs.