Being Sensible about Your New-Born Baby Gift Shopping

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The fact that I’m going to be presenting some kind of protocol might appear to be a bit counter-productive to the cause of trying to bring some sensibility back to the new born baby gifting ritual, but then again the ritual in its current state is a bit too complicated and is becoming more of a nightmare than the originally intended pleasant experience it was meant to be. At the end of the day it’s about the thought, so if you’ve made some effort to source a gift for the newest addition to your social circles then that’s all that matters – you’ve played your part.

At the same time you don’t want to come across as having made a half-baked effort, much like how a lack of effort is associated with those cheesy gifts you often get to pick up right outside the airport when you come back from a trip.

Frivolity has its place

Who says the gift you get for the new born baby has to be a practical one? I mean after all, what exactly would make for a practical gift for a new born baby? They don’t know what’s going, but their parents do. That said though, frivolity by way of gifts such as a flower wagon or block definitely has its place, if only to brighten up the occasion.

Practicality will go a longer way

While frivolity has its place by way of new born baby gifts which only really have ornamental value, practicality does indeed go a longer way. As much as the baby itself is way too young to even begin to comprehend what’s going on, its parents aren’t and so the practicality of the gift you pick out could be aimed more towards the parents, or it can be aimed at both the parents and the baby. If you’re feeling extra zesty, you could even try combining frivolous and practical with something like a scary but cute Monsters Inc. onesie, or any character onesie for that matter! A baby in an animal onesie is one of the cutest, most frivolous things you’ll ever see, but also it’s clothing so hey, it’s practical!

Baby goods which the parents already use will do since it can otherwise become really expensive to raise an infant. This will however mean that you have to pay attention to how they do things by way of the brands they use, the types of baby products, etc. It’s all about making their lives easier in whatever small way that you can.

More than one gift is also okay

Don’t put yourself under the unnecessary pressure of feeling like the perfect gift has to be contained in a single item. More than one gift to essentially make up a ‘compound’ gift is okay.

Isolating the sensibility

Now bringing all of this together, one perhaps realises that there’s really nothing much to sourcing new baby gifts.

Take your pick, but remember that you might perhaps need to buy more than one in order to stick to the guidelines surrounding the sensibility of the whole exercise.