Benefits of feathered edge fencing

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Feathered edge timber can be used as cladding for exterior surfaces, but it also makes for a sturdy and aesthetic fence.

The fence is made from these materials:

  • Feather edge boards
  • Fence posts
  • Rails
  • Gravel boards

You begin by securing the fence posts into the ground. They’re made from either concrete or timber and are secured in place with the use of concrete.

Rails are then fixed horizontally across the posts and are fitted into pre-cut notches.

You then use feathered edge boards to fit across the rails and build the fence’s final form.

Gravel boards are not compulsory but it’s recommend that you place them across the bottom of the fence to prevent damp from ruining your fence structure. They’re much easier and cheaper to replace than the boards.

Why choose feather edge boards?

  • It lasts a long time as is treated and protected heavily against rot.
  • You do not require planning permission for fences up to 1.95m
  • Feathered edge boards can be adjusted to follow any angle, meaning they’re suitable for slopes
  • Boards are rather cheap and easy to replace
  • The boards only need to be treated every 2-3 years

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