Building A Family-Friendly Home: 5 Kid-Friendly Materials

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When you are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the building of your new home, the last thing you want is for the building materials to be sub-par.  If kids are involved, it is even more important to choose long-lasting, durable building materials.  

Your home has to be able to weather the storm of growing children, and super expensive, super delicate materials just won’t get the job done.  Here are a few hardy building materials you may want to consider while designing your new family home.  

The floors go through the worst beating

Children and flooring are not best friends.  Your floors have to be tough to withstand hundreds of rainy, muddy days, spills, and other random accidents that will occur as your children grow.  The floors of your home will feel the wear and tear of thousands of footsteps and countless furniture scoots.  

It is vital that you choose a long-lasting, durable material for the floors in your home.  Carpet tiles are great for placing in playrooms and kiddie bedrooms.  For a more refined look, place vinyl or engineered hardwood flooring in the common spaces and kitchen.  

Though real hardwood floors are beautiful, they run the risk of ruin in a home with small children.  Real hardwood is also somewhat difficult to maintain, and requires regular upkeep.  

Kids are notorious for destroying walls

Kids love to use the walls of their home as a canvas, and they have no shame in using whatever’s lying around for their paint.  Your walls need to be able to withstand the creativity of growing kids.  

It is best to tile the walls in your bathrooms, as kids are not the most precise creatures when it comes to personal care.  Toothpaste, bubble baths, and other not so savory fluids are likely to splatter on the walls of a bathroom, and tile will make it much easier to clean.  It will also save the hassle and worry of maintaining painted sheetrock walls. 

Countertops and workspaces built to last

When you have kids, you understand the dangers of sharp corners and harsh materials.  In a home built for child safety, design countertops and coffee tables with rounded edges instead.  

As for materials, you want a workspace that is not only durable enough to withstand years of food preparation but the discovery and play of growing children.  Quartz is an excellent material for countertops that face such a perilous journey through life.

Designing for the needs of the littles

Other honorable mentions in the way of kid-friendly design are coat racks and closed storage spaces.  Backpacks, shoes, jackets, toboggans, and all the other accessories children drag around with them through their daily routine need a designated space in the home.