Buying a Quad Bike – New or Used?

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If you are thinking of getting into quad biking, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as these four wheeled all terrain vehicles (ATV) have grown in popularity across the United Kingdom over the past few years. You can actually buy road legal quads, which allows you to ride the ATV to your preferred natural area of woodland where you can explore the countryside, and if you have decided that quad riding is for you, should you buy a used machine, or opt for a brand new bike?

This is a question that many people have pondered, and in an effort to help you make the right decision, here are a few pros and cons for both new and used quads to help make the choice an informed one.

The Brand New Quad 

The UK’s market leader, Quadbikes R Us sells road legal quad bikes that are both new and used, and investing in a new machine offers you the luxury of knowing that you are the very first person to actually ride the machine. Obviously, a new quad will set you back considerably more than a used model, but if you are a fussy person who insists on having a bike that is fresh off the production line, new is a very attractive option.

The first thing to consider is what you plan to use the quad bike for, which might be purely recreational, or perhaps as a workhorse if your business involves working outside. Recreational quads are typically smaller and less chunky than one that is used commercially, and with an online search, you can quickly locate an established supplier who would have exactly what you are looking for. The downside to buying new is that you may not have enough practical experience to know which model best suits you, and you might end up with a quad that is not ideally suited for your needs.

Image Source: Flickr 

Used Quads 

For someone who is new to quad bike riding, buying a used model might be the best option and after a few months, you would have a better idea of what machine really suits you. Then you can sell the used machine back to the dealer and buy a new machine with the confidence that it is perfectly suited to your needs. For a novice, there is no downside to acquiring a used quad, which is more affordable and can be a stepping stone to something with a little more power.

Road Legal or Not? 

Some riders prefer to transport their quad on a trailer until they arrive at their chosen destination; typically a piece of private land where they have permission to ride from the owner, and in such a case, there is no need to have a road legal machine, as you will not be riding on public highways. The downside to owning a non-road legal quad is that you cannot ride it on any roads, and this might be something you later regret.