Chain Conveyors – A key component in increasing productivity

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The advancement in technology and rapid development in automation has allowed us to increase our work rate, and at the same time, lower our reliance on human labour. In the manufacturing or production industry, the chain conveyor is referred to as a mechanical handling equipment (consisting of rollers and drums) that companies have engaged to move products and goods in the fastest manner available.

Advantages of the chain conveyor

A chain conveyor increases the efficiency and productivity of the employees by transporting and moving materials around quickly without the need for much human labour to carry them. In turn, it increases the profitability and keeps the cost of hiring low. It also offers the flexibility of upgrading the existing system by just making a few changes to it.

Different types of chain conveyor

There are various kinds of chain conveyors such as the: slat conveyor, driven roller conveyor, plate conveyor, belt conveyor, gravity conveyor, air-operated conveyor etc. Each conveyor is suited specifically to a certain industry or usage. In the case of the mining industry, the belt conveyor is most commonly used to transport the raw materials.

Customised chain conveyor

For companies who are in a very niche industry and require a specialised kind of conveyor system, certain companies are able to manufacture the specific drum and rollers to match your conveyor belt style and design. They are even able to create the entire conveyor system from scratch to suit your needs, but this will cost a lot more as compared to purchasing a standard conveyor system that has already been fabricated before.

Importance of servicing

It is also important to keep spare parts for the essential components, as a breakdown can be easily rectified through having a professional repair it. Without the spare parts, a repair may take longer than usual, due to the waiting time for the spare parts to be manufactured. This downtime can affect the company’s productivity and profits. To extend the lifespan of the conveyor system, a company should make regular inspections to the motors and reducers, choose the right conveyor system to fit what they are doing, and having the appropriate training for the employees on how to use the conveyor properly.

Finding a reliable manufacturer

When you are sourcing for a chain conveyor, ensure that the company is reputable enough to work with. As a guideline, they should be accredited and certified in accordance to local governing bodies, the list of companies they have worked with, any association they are in currently, their portfolio, etc. Some companies have purchased insurance to cover their employees up to a certain sum, should anything untowards happen to him/her.

Each conveyor system serves a different purpose and utilising the wrong one could lead to damages and even quicker wear and tear to one part or another. Speak to a representative from a professional company and let him/her know about your needs and wants. They will be able to recommend the best system that is suited for your business needs.