Crafting and DIY lend themselves as our family hobbies, simply because of my professional background and the many occasions I had to fix stuff the kids accidentally broke. The kids were small at that time and eager to help Daddy with his important work. I got a great kick out of watching Ashlee and William splash paint on walls, hand me tools when I was fixing the dishwasher and helping me make a flower put look pretty.

It was my wife Rachel, who suggested finding another family hobby and before we finally agreed to create this web space for that same reason, we underwent a long and drawn out thought and discussion process to find a new family hobby.

Rachel has always emphasized the importance of spending time together and engaging in joint activities. She was quite specific and meticulous in her approach, got us all to sit down together on a number of occasions and made us serious consider and choose the best option.

I am outlining the few basic steps with progressed through and would like to stress that it was a lengthy process that took more than just one day.

What You Need to Consider

  • Determine Common Interests and Passions: Sit down, get everyone to write down their favorite activity and see if you can find a match.
  • Sunshine and Rain: Try to find an all-weather hobby or choose two.
  • Body, Mind, Spirit: Activities such as gardening, sports or games will engage the body, mind and spirit which is particularly important for the growth and development of your kids.
  • Interaction:Find an activity that fosters interaction rather than individual action, after all you are attempting to strengthen your family bond.
  • Fun: You need to have fun, laughter is of the essence and the fun factor will be the fuel that drives joint endeavors.

Possible Options

  • Sports: Many families successfully play sports together. It might be best to choose a non-competitive sporting activity so as to prevent bitter rivalry.
  • Music: You don’t have to be the Von Trapps to enjoy playing music together.
  • Home and Garden:Your home and garden are the perfect location for family gardening, crafting, DIY, drama and dance, movie making and much more.
  • Outings: Regularly embarking on a joint adventure can provide lots of fun. By organizing treasure hunts or building a game or story into the outing, kids engage on a deeper level and will have more fun.
  • Creativity and Imagination – Thinking Outside the Box: A friend of my once told me that he, his wife and kids spent Sunday after Sunday out in the wood in search of bugs, insects and whatever critters they could get their hands on. Everyone always had fun. This comes to prove that making up your own activity can form part of the fun and foster a sense of togetherness.

Important Points to Remember

There are a few vital points to keep in mind:

  • Mixed Ability: Measurables, like sports or quizzes can be problematic, simply because family members have mixed abilities and competition can be detrimental to your sense of togetherness.
  • Board Games: Board games provide a fun way to learn valuable lessons such as: sticking to the rules, strategizing, winning and losing and more beyond.
  • Competition: Veer away from hobbies that pitch family members against each other, particularly when the kids are still small. The younger children will frequently lose and want to give up.
  • Money: Be reasonable with your hobby budget and remember you don’t need to break the bank to have a laugh. If your hobby stretches your budget, it will only become a source of stress and strife.
  • Forming Regular Hobby Habits: It’s important to define a set hobby time, to pursue this family hobby regularly and to make sure you only cancel if absolutely necessary. Hobbies are only hobbies if you engage in them frequently.

Always Focus on the Reason

The main objective of having a family hobby is to spend time together and create a stronger bond. What activity you chose for doing so, is ultimately secondary. Kids are small today and gone tomorrow, in a flash, so make the best of the time you have, treasure each other’s company and value the time spent together.