Our entire family loves this website now even more than at the start because it has connected us with countless families all over the world. Last week, a guy from Italy shared his granny’s favorite pasta recipe, the week before that, a mom from New York shared a story about the family dog and the week prior to that, a kid from Australia taught us how to make a skateboard with shopping trolley wheels. This list of useful and whacky ideas is endless and I am keen to hear yours.

This is a call out to anyone with family stories to share, happy ones and sad ones too. Rachel emphasized from the start that this is much more than a DIY website. Just as we have received valuable DIY tips, people have shared tips and advice on parenting and inspired us to spend time together. Please get in touch and let us benefit from your wisdom! You can contact us by using the form below.

You don’t have to even have a specific reason for getting in touch, you might just want to connect and collaborate, but here are some things we love hearing about:

  • Top Family Resource: Please join us in our effort to create a valuable online family resource. We need people from all walks of life and hope to connect with people from all over the world.
  • DIY Trouble – DIY Expertise: I love getting people through their minor and major DIY struggles, so please, do get in touch, no matter how trivial your problem may seem. Blocked toilet? No problem! Don’t know how to apply wallpaper? I will tell you how! Want to makeover your kitchen and don’t know where to begin? I’ll inspire and help you! I’m an interior designer and still, I don’t know everything there is to know about DIY. Please instruct, inspire and share your expertise!
  • Interior Design:I am ready to be hired and will make your home even more stunning than it already is. If you have just a passing interest in interior design and wish to learn more, I will be glad to share my experience and knowledge. Well-established interior designers should also get in touch and perhaps we could work together.
  • Family Matters: Rachel is ready to support families facing difficulties and has supported many families throughout her career. Even if you just need someone to listen to your story and provide a sounding board, do get in touch with us.
  • Experts: Professionals and businesses providing family support and family related products or services are also invited to contact us. We will share your knowledge and promote your business or project.
  • Family Events and Activities: On our website notice board, we feature a wide variety of family events and activities. Promotion of such events is close to our hearts and we are keen to publicize your event.
  • Family Projects: We like to support, promote and collaborate in a wide variety of family projects and would love to learn about yours. Family support projects are vital in ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of kids and parents alike.
  • Connecting:If you just wish to connect, or you want to submit a guest post, we would be interested in hearing from you! Visit our write for us page to find out our guest post guidelines and for more information.

Getting in Touch is Easy

Please fill in all your details in the form below. We are in the process of strengthening our website and are striving to build the online family resource. Please join us in our efforts. There is great energy in teamwork, we have forged many friendships and hope to welcome you into our family community too.