Curb Appeal and Energy Efficiency Projects In One

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When you thinking about doing home improvement projects, there are many different perspectives that you can take. It’s not a bad idea to try to combine ideas together though so that you’re improving more than one thing at the same time. For example, you can enhance both the curb appeal and the energy efficiency of your house in specific combined projects.

Consider for a minute, some classic examples. When you put up new awnings, that looks better and saves energy. If you fix the roof line in the gutter system, similar results can be obtained. If you put in structurally sound windows, you’ll save heating and cooling energy and improve aesthetics. And, if you add water conscious landscaping, people will notice your positive sustainability intent as well as the appearance improvement.


When you install professional awnings around your home, you can’t help but notice several simultaneous things improving. First of all, new awnings look amazing. Especially if you get large, professionally installed ones, they really showcase the state of your house. In addition to the looks, if you put the right kinds of canopies up, they will let the sun in at the right times, and keep the sun out at the right times, thereby saving you energy that way.

Roofline and Gutters

Then there is the matter of the roofline and gutters. A roofline in disrepair looks terrible, and it can also lead to wind, water, and dirt leaks. Your gutters are a big part of this system as well. When you install new gutters, you also tend to look for roof repairs that need to be accomplished. New rainspout systems are amazingly efficient, look good from the outside, and help with maintaining a debris-free image. Roof repairs aren’t easy to do by yourself, so it’s good to get an estimate from professionals before taking on that style project. If you decide to replace the roof altogether, that is something that should only be undertaken by a professional to ensure a good finish. If you’re in GA, you may wish to consider roofing from Division Kangaroof for your new roof.

Structurally Sound Windows

Do you love the windows in your house? If not, maybe consider that buying new windows might be in your future. This is one of the best ways to improve the value of your home from a visual perspective, and you can also make sure that the new windows fit snugly in your walls to prevent any sort of temperature leaking in or out of your home.

Water-Conscious Landscaping

These days, people like to be environmentally conscious. They want to have a small carbon footprint. One way to do this via landscaping is to focus on putting in water-conscious landscaping. In other words, if you’re in a dry area, don’t plant grass that needs a lot of water! Use native plants and bushes that utilize the sunlight and a natural amount of moisture in an area consistently, and you’ll have much less work to do, save the environment, and create a positive curb appeal.