Deconstructing the Numbers: Which 4 Factors Determine the Price of Hearing Aid Devices?

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You never know what you have until it is gone, and with hearing, that phrase rings true on a deep level. As you start losing your hearing, you usually don’t notice it right away, but when you start missing out on important details of conversations or having to turn your TV up to window-shaking volumes, you often have to face the fact that it is time for a hearing aid.

Many people prefer going the difficult route of not hearing rather than splurge for the cost of a hearing aid, but taking the time to understand what you are getting with that cost is important.

Here are the 4 main factors that determine the price of your hearing aid device.

How Hearing Aids are Priced: The 4 Main Factors 

  1. Technological innovations drive prices. The type of technology used in its creation is the main factor in the price when you buy hearing aids. There are two types of hearing aids: analog and digital. Each type has different pros and cons and different price tags.

Analog hearing aids are usually cheaper because they are considered outdated technology, but they will work for the basics of hearing. They convert sound into electrical signals, then amplify them and send them to the receiver. However, they can’t do many of the things that digital hearing aids can do.

Digital hearing aids convert sound into digital signals. These signals are then processed through a microchip that can be programmed based on your individual environment and hearing needs. You can use a cell phone with a digital hearing aid, and you can also differentiate between background noise and regular conversations.

  1. The design and style of the hearing aid can change the price. The basic materials of a hearing aid are similar, but there are multiple styles for you to choose from. These styles range from an old-style design, which goes behind the ear and is visible, to an inconspicuous design that works well but is difficult to see.

The more intricate your design, the pricier your hearing aid. However, they all work well. The style you choose is based on your personal preference for visibility.

  1. The channels in your hearing aid also affect the price. In a hearing aid, channels are the way that noise and speech are differentiated between. The more channels you have, the more frequencies you can distinguish between.

Channels are used to allow you to control how intense a sound is, how to make certain sounds louder than others, and how to set a limit on how loud a sound comes through your hearing aid. Twenty channels are the suggested minimum for most levels of hearing loss.

  1. Choosing the size of your hearing aid affects the price. Many people shy away from hearing aids because of the misconception that they have to be large and visible. Today’s technology has made this unnecessary, however, the smaller and less conspicuous the hearing aid, the higher the price is likely to be.

You Have a Choice in Your Hearing Aid Price 

Hearing is a critical part of daily living. People who can’t hear well tend to become socially introverted and miss out on a higher quality of life.

If you are letting the fear of the price of hearing aids keep you from living your best life, check with your local hearing aid company to see what your options are and how you can find a price that is affordable to you.