DIY Tips For Beautifying Your Yard

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Here we are in the middle of summer again. The new grass is gone and the dark greens of August shade the leaves on the trees, as well. The kids are playing in the sprinkler and catching fireflies and Mom and Dad are grilling out and hosting get together after get together. Meanwhile searching for ways to make your yard more inviting.  Below are a few ways you might go about that.

The Buzz Cut

This is where any good looking yard is going to start. Your grass usually needs a weekly to biweekly trim, depending on rain, the sharpness of your blades, and how low you cut it. The type of grass you are growing can have an effect, too. Don’t forget to weed eat around all the trees, buildings, fences, and sidewalks. This gives your yard that clean cut look and tells the world you take pride in your green thumb.

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

A fresh cut yard will make any place look better, but flowers say so much!! Depending on the type of home you have, you may want to either plant a bed of your favorite flowers around a nice, big maple tree in your yard or outline your home. If your green thumb is a little on the yellow side, like mine, a flower that is easier to take care of, such as pansies, would be a good edition to your yard. For the more experienced gardener, maybe a rose bush or some vine plants would be a better choice. Either are beautiful and sure to bring curb appeal to your home.


No, I’m not talking about Christmas decorations. (Not yet, anyway.) Decorating your yard is where people get to see your true colors. Each person has in mind what makes up the perfect garden and each person’s idea is different in some way. Here is where your ideas get to shine. Maybe you want to go simple and add a small fountain for the birds or a gazebo to sit outside in when it rains. Perhaps you view a jungle paradise in your backyard with waterfalls, native bushes, and jungle sounds playing over an intercom. Whichever you prefer, this is where you get to display your style.

In the end, making over your yard is a lot like painting your own masterpiece. There are some rules everyone needs to follow in order for the picture to come out the way you want. The rest is up to you. Are you the simple, minimalist, country type or do you live life with a flamboyant hop in your step? Don’t be afraid to let who you are growing in your yard.