Does It Have Unicorns? Buy it!

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We love unicorns!

We have them painted on the walls of our kids’ playroom. We have special unicorn gifts for the kids and we don’t mind keeping a small unicorn neck pillow with us. We are a unicorn loving family. If we could paint the world, we will definitely paint a unicorn.

Such is our fascination with this beautiful, cute, and fluffy mythical animal that our children have grown up to adopt our habits. We absolutely love it. However, we never had unicorn stationery, simply because we never knew that it existed. What a sad phase of our life that was! Not knowing that our favorite fluffy friend comes printed on notebook covers was a dark era. Thankfully, we got to know about unicorn stationery and we have loved it ever since.

Believing in power of imagination

You may easily believe that we are completely obsessed with unicorns. However, we think that they are a perfect way to make our children believe in the power of their imagination. We understand that the world is changing rapidly and children are coming in contact with technology, especially social media sooner than they should. The idea of a unicorn is to make our kids believe that as long as they are imaginative, anything they want can come to life.

Personally, my amazement with unicorns started when I was very young. I simply loved the idea of a horse with a glowing, glittery horn that talks. Little did I know that my spouse shared the same interest? To us, unicorns were not a whim, neither an escape mechanism from reality. We believed that imagination and positivity is essential in children and a unicorn perfectly embodies these two qualities.

I still remember the way Ashlee first saw a unicorn in a book and immediately wanted a pony of her own. William too, took a fascination for this animal and he wanted to learn horse riding someday and become an explorer. This is the kind of curiosity we want our kids to develop. We want them to dream, imagine, and create a world of their own that can fill their hearts with hope and inspiration when they need it the most in life.

Not only for kids

That is why I bought some unicorn stationery for the kids. They now own notebooks, bubble swords, deco patches, erasers, cushions, and pencils- all colored brightly and painted with pictures of their favorite fictional character. In fact, I bought a matching night light for me and the wife and told her that she should open it only when she is feeling tired or disappointed. There is so much that we have gone through together but there has always been a ray of hope that kept us moving. I think that a small fictional character may help our kids feel bright and sunny today and maybe years later too.

We have found some really cool stationery that makes the kids scream in joy. You can buy a few of them too. We are sure that you will love them as much as we do!