Dress to Impress: 5 Principles to Keep in Mind When Dressing for a Job Interview

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If you’re about to go on a job interview, then you need to think carefully about what you’re going to wear. What’s going to go over better, handcrafted suits or ripped tee-shirts? Will a conservative dress impress a hiring manager, or are you going to go with one that has a plunging neckline? While the answers to these questions will seem obvious to some, there are still plenty of people out there who don’t dress appropriately for interviews. Keep this advice in mind as you are selecting your interview attire. 

Cover Tattoos

You might have thought that enormous tattoo of a snake fighting an eagle on your forearm was a good idea, but the interview is probably not the best time to show it to your potential new boss, unless you’re applying for a job as a tattoo artist, that is. In most places of employment, it’s best to keep the ink covered, unless you hear explicitly from your boss that it’s okay to display it. As far as the interview goes, until you get a sense of how conservative of an environment you are entering, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Clean Shaven

It’s also best to appear for a job interview clean-shaven. For men, if you do have a beard or moustache, be sure that it is neat and tidy. Don’t show up with five days of stubble covering your neck and chin. Women who wear skirts or dresses are probably going to want to shave their legs. These sorts of details don’t reflect how valuable you might be to the company for which you are interviewing, but they’re generally expected from a societal standpoint. 

Wear Your Best

You’re going to want to pick out one of your nicest outfits, one that is business-casual in most cases. You certainly are not going to want to go for baggy jeans or low-cut dresses. You’re not dressing for the club. A hiring manager will appreciate that you dress well because it means that you’re taking the interview process seriously. 

Proper Hygiene

You should also be sure that you’ve showered and applied deodorant before the interview. There’s no excuse for offensive body odour in the workplace, and you want to make a good impression by showing that you know how to be considerate to your coworkers. 

Nice Shoes

You should also refrain from wearing sneakers to an interview. Men should wear nice dress shoes that would be appropriate for a formal event, and women are going to want to consider high heels. If you do wear flats, that’s fine, just be sure that they’re not too flashy. You’re looking for sensible, not ostentatious.

The total package that you present to your potential boss or hiring manager is going to say a lot about you. You have this one opportunity to make a positive first impression, so don’t waste it. If two people apply for the same job, and they both have the same qualifications, but then one of them dressed well and the other did not, it’s always going to be the better dressed one that lands the job.