Easy Steps For Polishing Hardwood Floors

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When you spend a large amount of money on a hardwood floor, you need to maintain it to the best of your ability. Part of that involves polishing the hardwood floor regularly. Although it will make the floor look more shiny, it also serves several other purposes. The floor polish that you use can fill in scratches that have occurred over time, plus it will protect it against any type of over cleaning or damage. When you do this every few months, you will ensure that the floor will last for years to come. Here are some easy steps that you can follow for polishing hardwood floors.

Where To Begin

The most obvious place to begin is to remove all of the furniture that is currently on your hardwood floor. You will simply place this in other rooms. You will then take a vacuum, removing all of the dirt and debris that might be sitting on the floor. You need to have this as clean as possible. If you don’t, this dust will intermix with the floor polish, causing it to discolor. Finally, you will finish the cleaning process by using a cloth or mop to get the remaining dirt and allow it to drive.

How To Choose The Proper Finish For Your Floor

The type of finish that you use will either be a type of polyurethane, shellac, or lacquer. If you have used any type of lacquer or shellac, it is important to strip the wax annually and apply a new coat. The best way to remove this is to either used denatured alcohol, or if available, use lacquer thinner. Once this is removed, you can then recoat the surface with the same type of material. If it is a polyurethane coating, you will use the same procedure.

How To Spread The New Finishing Material

The best way to do this is by hand. You will use a microfiber cloth. You will apply it using what is called a feathering technique. You are simply rubbing the finish on in a circular motion. By doing so, this will allow you to eliminate any possibility of streaking. It is best to start as far away from your exit as possible. This means that you will begin at a corner and move backwards. When you are applying this material, you are going to do up to three thin layers. If you go to thick, this will cause certain areas to look pasty once you are done. Once it is fully applied, you will allow it to dry for up to 24 hours before moving your furniture back on the floor.

Although this can be a time-consuming process, it really is the easiest way to go through the process of polishing hardwood floors. If you have never done this before, following these directions, it’s going to be very easy to accomplish. If you are working with multiple people, they can help you move the furniture and may even help with the removal of the finish and the application. Just make sure that they are using circular motions, and they are starting at different corners than you, backing up to the exit. If you are ready to start polishing hardwood floors, you now know exactly what to do to get the best results every time.