Feel Like It’s Impossible to Land a Job Right after College? Let Us Prove

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You Wrong!

That time of the year again – when recent college graduates receive their diplomas; when they are full of hope for the future and are in the midst of their very first job hunt. As the search slowly progresses, they soon start to realize that it is not as simple as they thought it would be. Though the situation has improved since the Great Recession, a multitude of college graduates are stuck with their inboxes full of rejection letters. If you are afraid you will end up in the one third of college graduates who are unemployed, check out the following article which lists everything you should do in order to ensure you jump from your school chair to your office chair.

Stand out from the crowd

We admit, this is easier said than done; still some of your unique characteristics are precisely what you need to get to that first interview. Note that we do not refer to a gimmicky resume, or a flashy outfit – you will need to acquire great skills. These skills can then be transferred to your new job and should definitely be included within your resume. Some jobs will carry out background checks and health checks similar to those carried out by sites like https://www.health-street.net/occupational-health/annual-employee-check-up/, to see if you are fit for the job so any extra experience or skills you have will be eye catching to the employer. It’s understandable that a student that’s just been through full-time education may not have had the time to construct a feasible and eye-catching resume, meaning it could actually be a wiser idea for students to look into the various resume writing services available to them, such as this company found on https://www.arcresumes.com/ as an example. If you wait for your college days to end and for that one final exam to pass, rest assured you will be late to hop on the recruitment train. Start while you are still in class – research what are some of the things your potential future employees are looking for and start working on your skill prior to your finals.

Look for work experience while in college

If you have already skimmed through a couple of job listings, you have probably noticed that many recruiters insist candidates already have some kind of previous experience in that field of work. But how are you supposed to get experience if you’ve just received your diploma?

For this reason, we again emphasize the importance of building skills while you are still in college. Many students find it difficult to land an internship in their field of interest; fortunately, there are specialist organizations like Premium Graduate, who are designed to help students find integrated learning opportunities and gain professional skills needed to launch their careers.

Skim for jobs before you graduate

While you are still a student, finals are the most important thing on your mind, but in those short pauses between learning sessions, we recommend looking for job opportunities. Not sure where?

LinkedIn is a great tool for those who are scouting for their first work opportunity – in fact, statistics show that more than 95% of recruiters use social media to track top talent. Furthermore, Eventbrite and Meetup.com are great places to build connections, from which you can ultimately get a referral.

According to a report in U.S. News, candidates who apply with a referral have a much higher chance at getting a job than the ones who only send their CVs and motivational letters. If you haven’t already, it is high time you started attending events in your industry where you will be able to meet your future colleagues and employers – chances are you will meet a person who will recommend you for a job, or will even hire you themselves.

Final tip

To emphasize one last time – the earlier you start searching for a job, the higher the chances are you will be getting one. Nevertheless, once you get the job, seize every opportunity you are given – even if the task in hand seems challenging, do not refuse it or ask whether you will get credit for it. Such reaction shows you are not really willing to be a team player.

Now is your time – everything you do today will definitely pay off tomorrow. Fine, maybe not literally tomorrow, but rest assured there is a bright future for those who give their best.