Fine Masonry Solutions for the Period Home

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There are houses and there are houses and if you live in what would be described as a typical bricks and mortar home, renovations are pretty straightforward. If, on the other hand, you are fortunate enough to reside in a period stone property, any kind of repair or restoration work must be of the very finest quality. Stone houses present a new level of style and elegance and each has its own very distinguishable character, which does pose a problem if you wish to replace the windows or a section of the roof.

Master Stone Masons

This ancient skill has been passed down through the generations and due to the large number of stone buildings in the UK, there are still expert stone masons who are often commissioned to work on an exclusive property. Limestone is a thing of beauty and for hundreds of years, has been the stone of choice for many architects. This hardy rock can easily be carved, allowing master stone masons to create stunning designs that really do stand the test of time. If you look at the history of a company such as Wrights of Campden, limestone windows in London often bear their name and they spend all of their time restoring local properties to their former glory.

Sourcing the Right Stone

When a stone mason is commissioned, he first looks to source the required stone and his extensive network of tried and trusted quarries ensures he always ends up with the perfect selection. Once a stone has been sourced, it is then flaw tested and should it pass this test, the stone is purchased. The master mason knows exactly what he wants and is never in a hurry to choose his material. Such is the diversity of quarry venues, he can literally pick and choose and will often look at up to a dozen pieces before finally making a decision.

Zinc Templates

Full size templates are fabricated and the banker mason – who checks for flaws and cuts the stone to size – then hands the stone over to the artist mason who is then able to craft a masterpiece design. Due to the intense labour involved in creating a stone carving, it is vital that the stone has no flaws, therefore a great deal of testing must be carried out to ensure the stone is suitable. The templates allow for different masons to work on a section of the piece, which is often cut into sections and assembles when all are finished.

Patience is a Virtue

Ordering stone masonry is indeed a lengthy process. There are no off the shelf solutions and with so many homeowners looking for the very best masonry, an established company would have a very busy schedule. While the process might be long and drawn out, the end result makes it all worthwhile and each and every project is viewed with the same high standards, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

If your stone property is in need of renovation, an online search is all it takes to make contact with an established stone mason, who can create a work of art that blends perfectly with the surrounds.