Four Reasons to Add Wheels to Your Rise and Recline Chair

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Rise and recline armchairs come in a wide range of different styles, and you can customise yours further by adding some available accessories. One of the simplest and most popular additions is a set of wheels. Here are just four reasons why you should consider adding them.

  1. Easier Cleaning

Nobody likes cleaning, but it can become a particularly unpleasant task when you suffer from mobility issues. The simple acts of standing up and walking around required for vacuuming can be uncomfortable, and moving around heavy pieces of furniture can be particularly taxing. This is especially true with most rise and recline armchairs since the additional machinery adds to their weight. If the chair is on wheels, you can move it quickly to ensure an easy and effective clean. There’s no need to put up with dust around your new favourite armchair.

  1. Easier Rearrangement

Cleaning probably represents the most common occasion for moving furniture, but it’s far from the only one. You might be having people over and need to move the chair to create more open space, or you might simply feel like rearranging the layout of your living room. In any case, you’ll find moving the chair much easier when it has wheels attached.

  1. Easier Nursing

If you suffer from mobility issues, there’s a chance you may need to be nursed at some point. If you’re in a wheeled rise and recline armchair, nurses and other home visitors will be able to move you around without having to make you stand up, and that can make the whole process easier for both them and you.

  1. Easy to Add

Some accessories demand more measured consideration due to their added cost. For example, adding a heating or massage function to your rise and recline chair can be a great idea, but you’ll have to pay more to get it. Castors can generally be added to a chair at no additional cost, so you’ll enjoy the advantages listed above without having to pay out a single penny more than you would for an unwheeled chair.