Fun family interior tips to make any house a home

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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new pad or feel as though you could do with a change, there’s a big difference between a house and a home. Your family could be that difference, as you set about brightening and redecorating every corner and crevice. We love sharing interior inspiration with our readers, and hope that you’ll be encouraged to pick up a paintbrush, or browse through fabric swatches with a little more enthusiasm. Designing your perfect family pad should be an adventure, after all.

Play with colour

A family home should be bright and colourful, with plenty of character and fun. Your family is going to grow up before your eyes, so create a home that will grow with them. Neutral walls, wooden flooring and durable carpets or rugs will work well with splashes of colour that are introduced via accessories, soft furnishings and drapes. You will be able to switch your décor as and when you feel like it if you decorate in this non-committal style. Rugs, pillows and drapes add fantastic texture, warmth and depth. You can even consider adding a fun touch with some custom décor, for example, you could put your photo on pillow (or a family photo!) and keep them wherever you like.

Ensure that it’s functional

Ideas of grandeur are all very well, but will they work in a family home? Don’t forget that your pad is likely home to children and pets. Breakable objects, expensive furniture and lighter shades just aren’t going to work. Similarly, your storage needs to be super-savvy. Keep clutter to a minimum, and ensure that your home has plenty of open spaces and clear surfaces. Clever use of space and storage will extend the room that your children have to play, and ensure that you’re not spending every waking moment tidying up.

Make the most of natural light

Natural light is our best resource, and one of your home’s biggest assets. Sunlight can make smaller spaces look far bigger and add warmth into chillier rooms. While mirrors can help you to make the most of that warm, natural light, window shutters are wonderful secret weapons. Not only do wooden or decorative shutters look fabulous, but they’ll also allow you to control the flow of light and air around your home. What’s more, they’re fantastic for keeping prying eyes away!

Create a project

Redecorating should be fun, so get the whole family involved in your latest project. We’re huge fans of DIY and upcycling, which can turn houses into homes very easily, quickly and, most importantly, cheaply. If you’ve not got the budget for new furniture, then choose items from second-hand stores, pre-loved social media pages or auction sites.

It’s a family affair

One of the best tips that we can provide is to involve your whole family in the redesign or redecoration of your home. As well as taking your family’s needs into consideration, ask every member what they’d like to see. Your perfect home is as much about desire as it is necessity. A house becomes a home when it reflects the personalities of those that live there, and offers them a haven away from the outside world.

Turning your house into a home that’s fit for all of your family could be easier than you’d ever imagined possible. We can’t wait to hear all about your DIY adventures.