Getting An Electrical Fireplace? Things To Consider Before Installation

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Congratulations on finally getting your hands on your favorite electrical fireplace. We understand your excitement as you are now looking forward to enjoying the experience of it. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of in order to have it functioning without any hitch. This article is all about the factors you should take into consideration before getting your electrical hearth installed permanently mounted in the wall.

Choice of Placement

Before getting it, you need to finalize the location where you will be putting it. Depending upon which space of your house you spend your maximum time in, you can have it placed accordingly. Though the design of the modern-day electric fireplaces makes them easy inserts in the empty places of open fireplaces, still you can get creative. Because you do not need to vent it out, you can actually take it anywhere you wish. With a constant electric supply, you can even take it to your basement if that is the area where you want the added heat. The things that you need to decide on are if you are going to use it for yourself or guests, or just as a space heater or a mode of central heating for your house.

Designing the Mantel

Without a complimenting mantelpiece, an electrical fireplace looks incomplete. Along with upgrading the total look of the place, mantels add to the safety and security of the electrical hearth. As per the area of application, you may choose from the four variants which are namely standard wall mantel, corner style, rolling, or a medial console mantel. And in case if you catch yourself wondering about how to build an electric fireplace mantel, then that is pretty simple to install as well. After getting the necessary prerequisites and steps right, you can add your favorite trimmings and decorative elements to finish the entire appearance.

Closing Your Chimney

As you may already have the idea that this style of a fireside is based on electricity, that means it would not need the chimney anymore. Hence, it is better to close it up permanently to also prevent rainwater gushes and debris from accumulating inside the room. With the help of a professional, you should close down your chimney protecting your electrical fireplace as well as extending its longevity.

The Right Electrical Power Outlet

Last but not least, it is crucial that you are plugging your electrical fireplace in the right power socket to avoid any kind of circuit accidents. In most cases, the 120-volt plugs are commonly available and these are grounded for added protection. So, a moderate-sized electrical fireside can do with that voltage. Though this outlet needs to be on a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse for extra secureness. However, if you have a larger model, then you may want to use a 240-volt plug. As the wattage would be higher, then this will result in more heat production.

The Last Word

An electrical fireplace is a real pleasure to have and the sheer convenience makes it a brilliant home accessory. We hope that this blog post helps you to take care of all the things beforehand to have a smooth installation for a great experience afterward.