High-Quality Designer Shoes from Cribard

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After every session on my selection of favourite mobile casinos to try my luck on, I make a habit out of visiting an e-commerce platform through which I can effectively convert my winnings into some lasting, tangible value. I recently came across Cribard designer shoes, which fit the high-quality bill very well.


This is a beach shoe with red mesh and a bright green interior. It features a wide strap from the ankle to the heel that perfectly matches the red mesh and interior. There’s a distinctive thin strap for the shoe’s arch.

Special attention has been paid to how the shoe has been built. All parts are highly polished and properly stitched. In addition, the shoelaces have a double strap for added stability and durability.


This is a stylish multi-colour high-quality handcrafted sneaker. Its interior features brightly coloured high-quality matte plastic.

White, orange, red and navy blue acrylic scales make a beautiful pattern on the shoe’s interior. The shoelaces are made of highly polished stainless steel.

The shoes have been made using lightweight plastic and the shoes are very easy to clean and ensure that they maintain their shine.

Jewel Shoes

This is a single colour, diamond cut jewel shoe. Its red interior features engraved jewels on the toes and some of the heels.

A single silver lock with black leather handles separates the shoe’s interior from the shoe’s exterior. The shoelaces are made of black leather and have silver diamond shaped locking straps.

These are high quality designer sneakers with a sturdy and well designed interior. You can buy shoes for both women and men with high-quality laces that have an elegant design. You can order shoes designed by artists or other enthusiasts who can design the shoe and design it for you.

The Company

About the Companies

Apart from Cribard, other creative businesses and initiatives have built a profile in Amsterdam for years and have provided start-up businesses with great opportunities to get started and build their company. Here are some of them:

Skoene-Shoppen Cribard

It was founded in 2013 and offers a platform for independent designers. The designers and their customers can create sneakers and high-quality shoes together and to get the footwear made using high-quality materials. The price of the product will depend on the designer, the size of the shoe and the material used.

Those who would like to buy shoes made by Cribard can choose from a wide range of colours and designs. These are the finest shoes you can find in Amsterdam and its environs.

Cribard Jewels

Creating jewelry and shoes is an interesting project by a young artist.

This small jewelry company is situated in the heart of Amsterdam and created beautiful shoes with rich leather interiors. Their shoes have a handsome finish and come in a stylish design.

The designs made by Cribard Jewelry Company are designed to complement shoes or sweaters worn by the designers themselves.

Although not the newest shoe designer, Cribard Jewelry Company produces unique designer shoes, perfectly crafted by artists. They create customised pairs of shoes for both men and women and each shoe is custom-made. The shoes are made using top quality leathers and they have a high-quality leather upper that comes with interiors made of delicate and highly polished crystals.

The shoes have been designed by Cribard Designers from all over the world. They have developed intricate designs and customised shoes for all types of buyers. Whether you buy shoes from an artist or just get a shoe made by the designers, you can get some of the best shoes for any type of budget.