Home Improvement Projects To Tackle For Fall

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It’s that time of year again.  Fall is one of the best times of the year.  When the weather starts to cool off, you are presented with a prime opportunity to get some home improvements done before winter arrives.  

Clean up the summertime messes.  Fix the things that it’s been too hot to dig into while enjoying the mild temperatures of the autumn season.  Here is a brief look at some home improvement projects to tackle around the house in the next few months before the frost comes.  

Service or replace the furnace 

After ten to fifteen years your home’s furnace could need replacing.  Regardless, it’s good to service the unit once per year to maintain its performance levels.  Keep your family warm in the winter, and take the time to check on the efficiency of your furnace.  

Check for and seal any air leaks

It’s a good idea to check your home for air leaks before the cold of winter arrives.  The attic space and basement of your house are the most common offenders. Check around windows and doors as well to avoid paying abnormally high energy bills throughout the year.  

The garage is another crucial spot to check for energy waste.  Make sure you have the best fitting garage door possible for your setup, so you’re not allowing excess cold to enter your living spaces.  

Clean out the gutters

Towards the end of fall is the best time to spend time cleaning your home’s gutters.  Let the leaves fall before you dive into this particular task, so you don’t end up having to do it twice.  

You don’t want a slew of dead foliage freezing in your gutters over and over again throughout the winter months, as it can cause damage to their structure.  

Spread mulch over your garden area

Before the first freeze of winter, your plants need a little extra protection from the elements.  Take the time to spread mulching the base of any young trees in your yard.  Place a thick layer of mulch over the garden area to protect your perennials until their next chance to bloom.  

Prune back your trees and shrubs 

Prune the dead foliage off of your trees and shrubs to make way for new growth, and protect your greenery from overexertion of their resources.  When there’s less for the plant to maintain through the dormant season, it has a better chance of survival.  

Clean up the fireplace 

If your home is equipped with a fireplace, fall is the best time to prepare it for the embers of wintertime.  If you have a wood fireplace, make sure to thoroughly clean out any leftover debris from the prior year.  

Have the chimney/flue professionally cleaned to assure that there is no danger of smoking up the house, or worse, igniting a fire in the chimney.  A thorough cleaning/inspection of your fireplace will keep you safe and warm all winter long.