Home Improvement Projects: Updating Your Climate Control

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As far as home-improvement projects go, one of the things that you can do to get the most bang for your buck is to update your climate controls. Yes, it’s nice to decorate a bedroom or do some landscaping. But those things aren’t really going to change your standard of living. However, when you work on climate control issues, you’ll feel an immediate improvement in your daily life.

A few of the ways to up the ante on this climate control issue include fixing your air-conditioning, your furnace, your insulation, or your windows and doors. All of those categories typically will affect your basic climate control comfort in your home.

Air Conditioning

When it’s time to purchase or upgrade an air conditioner, there’s some research that you should do first. You need to know how much space you’re trying to cool down. You need to understand the basics of humidity control. You need to decide if you want central air, if you want portable air conditioners, or if you want the ones that fit in your windows. Each of those options has pros and cons, and picking the wrong one isn’t going to help your situation.

Furnace Efficiency

If you choose to buy a high-efficiency furnace, then you’ll immediately notice better results in your home as well. Chances are very good that the furnace will be quieter, will use less energy, and will be much more efficient for the amount of space that you have to heat. Even furnaces that were made five or 10 years ago are behind the times regarding technology. Though it is a significant purchase, it can either be something that you want to do because you plan on selling your home soon, or you want to invest in all of the benefits of a better heating and cooling system.


Sometimes people are surprised that much of the problem they have keeping their home warm or cool happens because the insulation was not put in properly. So, before you do too much with your air conditioning or furnace issues, be sure to check your insulation in all of the appropriate places. You want to pay particular attention to the roof and the walls of upper floors.

Windows and Doors

Finally, if you have leaky windows and doors – in that case, the best air-conditioners and furnaces in the world, and the best insulation job aren’t going to make any difference at all. The air will leak right out of all the cracks, and leave you with expensive energy bills and a rapidly changing indoor climate. It’s usually a very easy fix to go through and caulk or seal of the potential cracks that may be in play in your environment as well. A small amount of logic, materials, and motivation will go a long way in this regard.