Home Improvement That Will Boost Your Equity

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As a sort of loaded title, you should know that all home improvements reflect positively on your home’s value.  You should also know that not all home improvements are created equal. Some upgrades to your home will bring in a larger return than others.  

Before you choose whether you want a mother-in-law suite or an extra bathroom, do the research to see which is the better investment.  Start learning now, and check out a few of the most lucrative home improvement options for boosting your home’s equity.  

Landscaping boosts curb appeal and value

Landscaping not only boosts the environment surrounding your home, but it can make your home much more sellable.  Splash a few colors around the front entryway by planting some bright perennials.

Planting a tree is also a great idea for adding to your home’s landscape.  Trees produce fresh oxygen, and provide shade from the heat in the summer.

Exterior improvements to the home

One of the most impactful improvements to the exterior of your home would be to add a porch or deck.  You may spend several thousand dollars having the deck installed, but you will recoup just about every bit of that when you sell your home.  

A deck also makes the home more sellable.  Homebuyers often look for a property that encourages outdoor sanctuary.  Plant flowers and bushes around the deck for visual appeal, and make sure to maintain the wood properly for the best use.  

The kitchen still rules the roost

The kitchen is still the most important room in the home for most homebuyers.  Everyone in the home uses the kitchen in some form or fashion, and it is the center of much of the socializing between dwellers.  

It is important to get the kitchen right.  Any investments in remodeling or improving the efficiency of your kitchen will pay for themselves.  

Make smart use of the floorplan

If there is space in your home that is not being utilized to its full potential, then that is the room you want to remodel.  Fixing up the attic or basement in a home is a great investment that will ring true on your next appraisal.  

The more space you can claim on the floor plan, the more you can get for your home at resale.  Don’t spend money building a whole new addition if you have an unfinished attic or basement.

Replace windows and doors

Old windows and doors can be a major source of wasted energy in any home.  If your home’s windows and doors are not top quality, it’s time to replace them.  A good window can make a big difference on your home’s energy consumption, and save you money in the long run.