Home Security 101: Understanding Your Wired and Wireless Options

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If you have not had a home alarm system for a few years, you might still think that they have not changed much. But the truth is that home security systems have changed considerably in recent years.

These days, you can get a wireless system with cameras and sensors without having to spend a fortune. Here are some of the main features you can choose from when you start looking for your next home security system.

Basic Home Alarms

The most basic systems that you can get have not changed too much in recent years. These consist of alarms that you fix up in your home, and they come with sensors that you place on the windows and doors. Sometimes they might come with motion detectors too, but not always.

When these sensors are triggered, the alarm sounds in your home, giving you and your neighbors warning that someone is entering the property.

These are not monitored, so there will be no security company checking on your property for you. Instead, it will be up to you to alert the authorities. There is also no control panel with these.

Because they are quite basic, these alarms are often the most affordable option. They are not too complex to install, so you might be able to do it yourself. However, they are not the most secure solution.

More Advanced Systems

If you want to secure your home, you might be interested in looking at more advanced systems. These are often monitored, so the security company knows that something is wrong and they can contact you and the emergency services.

The systems often come with a control panel as well as all the sensors and even security cameras. These systems can be either wired or wireless. However, these days, wireless is the most popular choice.

With a wired alarm system, there is no need for batteries. However, they can be much more difficult to install because you have to drill holes and connect the wiring. As such, you might need a professional to help you.

Wireless systems often have the same features, but because they are wireless they are easy to install and easy to uninstall when you move home.

Use the Latest Tech to Monitor Your Home

Then there are other options to consider that use the latest technology. For example, you can now get alarm systems that store video footage online, and you can access the live video feeds via your smartphone or tablet.

Some can also send alerts directly to your phone if something is wrong. This could be if there is a break-in, but also for smoke, carbon monoxide, fire, and more. You could even use your system to simply keep an eye on your pets while you’re out.

You can get very advanced systems or more basic systems, so it depends on what you need. Click here for some info on the various options available.

Self-monitoring is an option too. With solutions like Nest, you can keep an eye on your home, and some systems send an alert if something goes wrong. However, these are not monitored so it will be up to you as to how you react.

Research the Options and Choose the Best One for Your Needs

There are many options available for home security systems, from the most basic alarms to the most advanced systems complete with all the bells and whistles.

Costs vary widely, so make sure you look around and read reviews of the different options, then choose a solution that is right for your home so you can relax knowing that it is protected.