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Timbersource supply numerous species that can be used in woodworking. Each species has different properties for example durability, density and surface texture. You will be able to use basic woodworking hand tools to do the majority of the woodworking for some of the species but for others, you will need more powerful tools. The most popular species for woodworking is Meranti and Oak.

Step One – Choose Hardwood or Softwood?

Hardwood and softwood can be used for all kinds of projects, it just depends on what your project is. Hardwoods are employed in a large range of applications, from construction to furniture, cladding and much more. Softwoods however can also be used in construction right through to high class joinery, cladding and decking – ideally it depends on your preference, budget and lifespan of the timber.

Here are our suggestions:

Dark Red Meranti

Meranti is a great choice for your decorated interior woodworking project as it has many uses such as interior joinery, furniture, flooring and cabinetwork. The heartwood is red-brown darkening to a dark red and planed surface are fairly lustrous. The timber works well and achieves a good smooth surface, Meranti can be glued, nailed and screwed satisfactorily and can be stained and polished.

Oak Timber

Oak is the perfect timber for furniture making and would be ideal for your woodworking project mainly because there are so many varieties that all have similar qualities. Generally, European Oak is easier to work with than American Oak however both timbers compare closely in general strength.

Interior projects that we offer

Timber Mouldings – this refers to the lengths of wood which are made to cover transitional spaces between two surfaces. It provides a cleaner, more finished look, while also protecting the join from the dust and dirt. Timbersource can create more detailed mouldings using moulded strips which are shaped with contours for decorative purposes.

Timber Skirting – timber skirting has a traditional finish, looks polished and good quality and is very versatile and long lasting. At Timbersource, we offer a range of standard skirting profiles such as Ogee, Torus, Square and Round edge and many more. To help customers look for the best pattern, we would be happy to use our many skills and years of experience to accommodate your request.

Timber Architrave – timber architrave is a form of interior moulding that is used to cover the join between two surfaces, such as a wall and a door frame. Often, they are relatively plain however, at Timbersource we can also create more detailed and elaborate mouldings to enrich and define a doorway, panel or window.

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